texas exes awards


Every year the Texas Exes honors outstanding students, alumni, advisors, and teachers. While the backgrounds and contributions of the honorees vary greatly, they are all united by an astounding level of service and accomplishment. Their contributions and dedication bring credit to The University of Texas and embody the famous tagline "What Starts Here Changes The World."

Alumni Awards

The Texas Exes regularly recognizes alumni doing great things in the world. The Distinguished Alumnus Award, started in 1958, honors University of Texas alumni who have, yes, distinguished themselves with their professional accomplishments and service to the university. The award is given annually, usually to six recipients, at ceremony and after party on a Friday night before a home football game.

The Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award goes to someone younger than 40 who has established him- or herself professionally.

Finally, the Jack Harbin Top Hand Award for Outstanding Service recognizes someone who has done extraordinary service to the Texas Exes and The University of Texas. This award, which was first given in 1967, is selected by the association president and typically awarded in a surprise ceremony at a Texas Exes Council meeting.

Student Awards

A central focus of the Texas Exes is to enhance the experience of current students on the campus. Part of that effort is recognizing outstanding students, who we hope will go on to become engaged alumni.

The Edward S. Guleke Student Excellence Award was established in 1977, in partnership with the Friar Society. Named in honor of Edward S. Guleke, of Amarillo, the award celebrates students in their junior year or later who excel academically, participate in campus organizations, and demonstrate character and integrity.

The President's Leadership Award was created in 1985 with an endowment by former Texas Exes president Frank Denius. The awards recognize undergraduates who have demonstrated outstanding leadership within the student community at The University of Texas. The winners are awarded Life Memberships in the Texas Exes.

Teaching & Administration Awards

Teachers and administrators play a vital role on the campus and in the lives of students and alumni. Great teachers, in our opinion, can't get too much credit. What they do is central to the college experience.

The Jean Holloway Award for Excellence in Teaching was created in 1970 with an endowment from past president of the Texas Exes Sterling Holloway and his wife, Jean. One of the most coveted awards on the campus, the Holloway Award is presented annually to a teacher in Liberal Arts or Natural Sciences who demonstrates a warm of spirit, concern for society, and the ability to impart knowledge while challenging students to independent inquiry and creative thought. The Holloway Award was the first on campus in which the nomination and selection process was done entirely by students.

In 2003, the Texas Exes created the Elizabeth Shatto Massey Award to recognize teachers of teachers. Endowed by John Massey, LLB '66, Life Member, in honor of his wife, the award celebrates someone who is preparing toay's students to become tomorrow's elementary and secondary school teachers.

While teachers are central to what makes The University of Texas special, so too are dedicated administrators. The James W. Vick Award for Academic Advising recognizes individuals whose advising improves students' overall experience. Each year, five winners are selected an intimate ceremony in March. The nomination and selection of Vick Award winners is also done entirely by students.

Started in 2011, the Texas 10 is an annual list of inspiring professors, nominated by alumni and selected by the Alcalde magazine. These are professors that their former students, upon reflection and with the benefit of hindsight, consider to have made a lasting impact on their lives.

Finally, every once in a while a person, often an administrator or coach, makes an outsize contribution to The University of Texas, even though he or she is not an alumnus. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes these people. They may not be alumni, but we love and appreciate them all the same.