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Longhorn 100

Presenting the 100 fastest growing Longhorn businesses in 2023

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Raven Butene 1, LLC
Raven Butene-1

Ted Pettijohn 
PhD 1986, Life Member  
College of Natural Sciences 

Raven Butene-1, LLC is an Arcanum Infrastructure business that provides services and products to the petrochemical industry. 

Houston, TX  |  Oil & Gas Services 

Poncho Outdoors
Poncho Outdoors

Clayton Spencer 
Founder & CEO 
BBA 2003, McCombs School of Business 
BA 2006, College of Liberal Arts 

Poncho makes the world's best shirts for the outdoors. 

Austin, TX  |  Shopping & Retail 

Rambler Sparkling Water
Rambler Sparkling Water

Dave Mead 
Co-Founder & CMO 
BS 1993, Moody College of Communication 

Jeff Trucksess
Co-Founder & COO
MBA 2001, McCombs School of Business

Rambler Sparkling Water is an Austin-based sparkling water business. Packaged in 12-ounce and 16-ounce cans. Available in four flavors: original, lemon-lime, grapefruit, and satsuma. Rambler also has an energy line using Yaupon, North America’s native caffeine, as its source. 

Austin, TX  |  Food & Beverage 


Angela Dunham 
BA 1994, College of Liberal Arts 

OJO is a real estate technology company focused on improving homeownership. They help consumers by enabling them to customize their search, connect them with industry experts, and equip them with financial tools so they feel prepared to buy, sell, or own. 

Austin, TX  |  Real Estate 

Direct Digital Holdings
Direct Digital Holdings

Keith Smith 
Co-Founder & President 
BA 1991, College of Liberal Arts 

Mark D. Walker 
Co-Founder & CEO 
BA 1998, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

Direct Digital Holdings delivers digital advertising solutions for brands of all sizes, from small-medium and middle-market companies to the Fortune 500, using advanced technology solutions, tailored digital strategy, and publisher relationships to reach both general market and growing multicultural audiences.  

Houston, TX  |  Marketing & Advertising 


Vincent Tran 
Co-Founder & COO 
BS 1998, College of Natural Sciences 

Liongard is a software-as-a-service platform that unlocks the intelligence hidden deep within IT systems to give Managed Service Providers (MSPs) an operational that delivers both higher profits and an exceptional customer experience. Their Deep Data Platform unlocks the intelligence hidden deep within IT systems by transforming messy, hard-to-reach data into a unified, actionable source of intelligence. 

Houston, TX  |  Science & Technology 

BHW Capital
BHW Capital

Martin Bronstein 
BBA 1971, McCombs School of Business 

BHW Capital is a Commerical Real Estate Development and Brokerage firm with a focus on Class A multifamily apartment development. 

Houston, TX  |  Real Estate 

Beatbox Beverages
BeatBox Beverages

Aimy Steadman 
Co-Founder & COO 
BS 2008, Moody College of Communication 
MBA 2013, McCombs School of Business 

Justin Fenchel 
Co-Founder & CEO 
MBA 2013, McCombs School of Business 

Beatbox Beverages makes a ready-to-drink cocktail that is the world’s tastiest party punch.  

Austin, TX  |  Food & Beverage 

Yotascale Inc.
Yotascale Inc.

Asim Razzaq 
BS 2000, College of Natural Sciences 

Yotascale is a software provider that helps companies like Hulu, Zoom, and Aflac allocate, optimize, and predict their public cloud spend, delivering 30% average cost savings while maintaining performance and reliability of their services. 

Palo Alto, CA  |  Science & Technology 

El Arrovo
El Arroyo

Paige Winstanley 
BS 2006, Life Member  
College of Education 

El Arroyo is a multi-line business that includes restaurants, packaged foods, a line of home and gift products, and brand partnerships. Their hilarious marquee sign has been sharing smiles and laughter for years and underpins the voice of the brand. 

Austin, TX  |  Restaurants 

Maestro Integrations
Maestro Integrations

John Cerda 
MSTC 2003, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

Maestro Integrations is a design-build firm focusing on emerging integrative technologies for Multi-Family and Commercial construction projects. They offer leadership and expertise in Infrastructure (Copper/Fiber), Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Access and Gate Controls, Surveillance, Security, Audio/Video, and IoT Smart living systems. 

Austin TX  |  Construction & Architecture 

Desert Door
Desert Door

Brent Looby 
BS 1993, Life Member  
Cockrell School of Engineering 
MBA 2017, McCombs School of Business 

Desert door is a manufacturer of a distilled spirit called Texas Sotol. 

Driftwood, TX  |  Food & Beverage 

✪ Longhorn Business Network Member 
Amazing Exteriors
Amazing Exteriors

Stephen Warrington 
BA 2003, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

Amazing Exteriors is a full line Marvin Windows and Door distributaries and installation contractor. They also specialize in fiber cement siding from James Hardie Siding Products. 

Austin, TX  |  Home Improvement & Services 

Nitya Capital
Nitya Capital

Swapnil Agarwal 
BBA 2003, McCombs School of Business 

Nitya Capital is a privately-owned national real estate investment firm based in Houston, Texas, with offices in India and United Arab Emirates. They specialize in multifamily properties and student housing. Nitya owns and manages $3B in assets nationally. 

Houston, TX  |  Real Estate 

TAXA Outdoors
TAXA Outdoors

Divya Brown 
BBA 2003, McCombs School of Business 

TAXA Outdoors is an outdoor lifestyle company seeking to transform the way we live, work, and play outside. It manufactures light weight, garageable camping trailers for young families. 

Houston, TX  |  Lodging & Travel 

RiverCity Cabinets
RiverCity Cabinets

Jeremy Johnson 
MBA 2012, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

RiverCity cabinets offers residential cabinet manufacturing and installation.  

Austin, TX  |  Construction & Architecture 


Trey Wier 
BA 2012, College of Liberal Arts 

BURLEBO is an outdoor apparel brand changing the way people think about outdoor performance wear. From the duck blinds, to cruising around town, they've got you covered! They are for the rad dads, college guys, and everything in between! 

Dripping, Springs, TX  |  Shopping & Retail 


Reece Norris 
Founder & COO 
JD 2006, Life Member  
School of Law 

Josh Newman 
BA 2003, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

WeInfuse is the premier software provider for infusion therapy and medication delivery in the U.S. 

Dallas, TX  |  Science & Technology 

Reveal Suits
Reveal Suits

Carlton Dixon 
Founder & CEO 
BS 1998, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 

Reveal Suits specializes in high-end custom suits and blazers, personalized with officially licensed lining for both men and women. They host private fittings for groups of business professionals, fraternities, sororities, and sports. 

Dallas, TX  |  Shopping & Retail 

Latigo Petroleum, LLC
Latigo Petroleum, LLC

D. Kirk Edwards 
President & CEO 
BS 1981, Life Member  
Cockrell School of Engineering 

Latigo Petroleum is an oil and energy company based out of Odessa, Texas. 

Odessa, TX  |  Oil & Gas Services 

Freedom Solar Power
Freedom Solar Power

Bret Biggart 
BA 1999, College of Liberal Arts 

Headquartered in Austin since 2007 with operations in five states, Longhorn-led Freedom Solar is a top-10 national solar installer, providing high-quality, cost-effective, reliable solar solutions for residential and commercial customers. 

Austin, TX  |  Construction & Architecture 

✪ Longhorn Business Network Member 
Alert Media

Brian Cruver 
Founder & Executive Chairman 
MBA 1999, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

AlertMedia is the world’s leading threat intelligence and emergency communication provider. It supports critical communication for thousands of leading businesses—including DHL, JetBlue, Coca-Cola Bottling, and Walmart—in more than 130 countries. 

Austin, TX  |  Science & Technology 

Fractilia, LLC
Fractilia, LLC

Edward Charrier 
Co-Founder, CEO & President 
MBA 1993, McCombs School of Business 

Chris Mack 
PhD 1998, Cockrell School of Engineering 

Fractilia is the leader in stochastics metrology and control solutions for advanced semiconductor manufacturing. Its patented Fractilia Inverse Linescan Model (FILM™) technology provides customers with highly accurate and precise measurements. 

Austin, TX  |  Science & Technology 

Daito Design
Daito Design

Anthony Hoang 
CEO, North America 
BS 2011, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 
MBA 2022, McCombs School of Business 

Daito Design is a digital product agency that excels at strategy, consulting, and design focused on creating impactful innovation for enterprise. 

Austin, TX  |  Business Services 


Kat Stokes 
BA 2005, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

Family, locally, and Longhorn owned since 1973, Korman is where Austin gets engaged and celebrates the every day! A destination for diamonds, fine jewelry and swiss timepieces, Korman partners with world renowned designers and a diamond sight holder to provide pieces that will last a lifetime.  

Austin, TX  |  Shopping & Retail 

✪ Longhorn Business Network Member 
Texas Standard
Texas Standard

Christine Bagot 
BSPR 2008, Moody College of Communication 

Texas Standard is a clothing brand created in the spirit of the state’s ethos of independence, tradition, and pride. Their product lineup includes wardrobe essentials for the Texas gentleman: button-downs, guayaberas, polos, bottoms, and accessories. 

Austin, TX  |  Shopping & Retail 

Garrison Brothers Distillery
Garrison. Brothers

Dan Garrison 
BS 1989, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 

Nancy Garrison 
BS 1987, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 

Garrison Brothers Distillery is located on a small farm and ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country that authentically produces straight bourbon whiskey. 

Austin, TX  |  Food & Beverage 

Buzzballz, LLC
Buzzballz, LLC

Alex Kick 
BA 2013, College of Liberal Arts 

Buzzballz makes ready-to-drink cocktails that are sold in liquor stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores nationwide! 

Carrollton, TX  |  Food & Beverage 


Tri Vo 
BBA 2007, McCombs School of Business 

CarbonBetter delivers innovative sustainability, decarbonization, and energy solutions across sectors to enable clients to meet today’s business demands while being active stakeholders in building a net-zero future. 

Austin, TX  |  Oil & Gas Services 

E & Co Tech
E & Co Tech

Terry Mitchell 
Co-Founder & COO 
BS 2007, Moody College of Communication 

E & Co Tech is a small but mighty and badass Black-owned boutique software development and SAAS services firm based in Austin. 

Austin, TX  |  Science & Technology 

A Taste of Koko
A Taste of Koko

Jane Ko
BS 2013, College of Natural Sciences 

A Taste of Koko is Austin’s top food and travel blog featuring the hottest restaurants and weekend getaways. It was voted best local Austin blogger by the Austin Chronicle in 2018 and 2019, and the Disruptor of 2020 by Austin Woman magazine. 

Austin, TX  |  News & Media 

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Peachtree Group
Peachtree Group

Greg Friedman 
Managing Principal & CEO 
BA 1999, College of Natural Sciences 

Peachtree is a private equity firm focusing on deploying capital across its distinct operating and real estate divisions. The company has completed hundreds of real estate investments valued at more than $8B in total market cap. 

Atlanta, GA  |  Real Estate 

Roots Behavioral Health
Roots Behavioral Health

Andrea Turnipseed LCSW-S
Co-Founder & Executive Director 
MS 2009, Steve Hicks School of Social Work 

Brent Turnipseed M.D. 
Co-Founder & Medical Director 
BA 2000, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

Roots Behavioral Health is a behavioral health care organization providing innovative psychiatric care, psychotherapy, and ketamine services at two locations in Austin. The co-founders are known as thought leaders in their field, and under their leadership, the company has made top-quality care affordable and accessible by working with commercial insurance plans. 

Austin, TX  |  Doctors & Clinics 

✪ Longhorn Business Network Member 

Austin Renfroe 
BS 2004, Life Member  
Cockrell School of Engineering 
BA 2004, College of Natural Sciences 

RENFROE® is a full-service staffing and claims management company with thousands of employees throughout the U.S. 

Birmingham, AL  |  Insurance 

The Steam Team
Steam Team

Josh Lasch 
BA 2007, College of Liberal Arts 

Founded in 1983, The Steam Team is a true Austin original. It’s the only locally owned, full-service cleaning and catastrophe management company in the greater Austin area. The Steam Team serves homeowners and businesses with a wide range of services. 

Austin, TX  |  Home Improvement & Services 

Gardner Smith & Vaughan

Dwayne Smith 
Founder & Managing Partner 
BA 2005, College of Liberal Arts 
JD 2008, School of Law 

Gardner Smith & Vaughan specializes in the practice of family law in North Texas. They help clients maintain and protect their children, assets, and relationships during and after the divorce process and other family-law cases. 

Fort Worth, TX  |  Legal Services 

NOSOTROS Education Center
NOSOTROS Education Center

Elizabeth "Lisa" Retamozo 
Founder & Executive Director 
BBA 1990, McCombs School of Business 

NOSOTROS Education Center (NEC) provides federal and state-funded educational opportunity programs at institutions and agencies with comprehensive proposal development, consulting, and technical assistance services. 

Allen, TX  |  Education & Training 


Craig Mandeville 
Founder & CEO 
BS 1997, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 

Forcura, a health care workflow management company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, enables  providers to streamline incoming patient information and coordinate ongoing patient care resulting in improved business performance.​ 

Jacksonville, Florida  |  Science & Technology 

College Inroads
College Inroads

Annmarie Hatfield 
BS 1991, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 

Michael Davila 
MED 2013, Life Member  
College of Education 

College Inroads is a company of Educational Consultants who help high school students figure out what to major in, where to apply, how to apply, and how to pay less for college. 

Austin, TX  |  Education & Training 

Paradigm Sample

Cyrus Deyhimi 
BS 1992, Cockrell School of Engineering 

Paradigm Sample is in the business of automating market research data collection for market research companies and brands. 

Port Washington, NY  |  Business Services 

Waters International Realty
Watters International Realty

Bradley Pounds 
Co-Owner & COO 
BJ 2009, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 

Watters International Realty sells homes across the U.S. and Canada using innovative programs designed to maximize results for our clients via a hybrid corporate and franchise model. 

Austin, TX  |  Real Estate 


Amy Porter 
Founder & Executive Chairman 
BS 1999, Life Member  
College of Natural Sciences 

AffiniPay provides payment and practice management solutions for professionals in the legal and accounting industries. Their flagship LawPay program is the leading payment processor for law firms, endorsed by all 50 state bar associations, and the ABA. 

Austin, TX  |  Business Services 

✪ Longhorn Business Network Member 
B2 Architecture + Design

B. Allison Brooks 
Owner & Principal 
BAR 2000, School of Architecture 

B2 Architecture + Design is a firm focused on multifamily, senior living, student housing, and hospitality design. 

Dallas, TX  |  Construction & Architecture 

365 Things Austin
365 Things Austin

Kristy Owen 
Founder & Owner 
BS 2008, Moody College of Communication 

365 Things Austin is the trusted source for the best events, restaurants, destinations, activities, specials, and traditions the wonderfully weird city of Austin has to offer. As the city grows, so does the list of things you have to see, do, eat, and drink. 

Austin, TX  |  News & Media 

Elite Dental Wellness
Elite Dental Wellness

Ashandra Batiste 
Owner & Dentist 
BS 2002, College of Natural Sciences 

Elite Dental Wellness is on a mission to break down the barriers to getting stellar dental care. Their dental practice offers the latest technology and several methods to create an ideal comfortable dental visit. The talented, educated team members and gifted doctors create lifelong relationships with patients that become family. 

Houston, TX  |  Dentists & Orthdontists 

Ocean's Halo
Ocean's Halo

Robert Mock 
Founder & CEO 
BA 1994, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

Ocean’s Halo is an organic brand built to drive consumption of Asian dishes like ramen and pho. Their recipes deliver delicious umami flavor using seaweeds, and their popular snack is the planet’s most nutrient dense and sustainable crop. 

Burlingame, CA  |  Food & Beverage 

✪ Longhorn Business Network Member 
Palisades Group
Palisades Group

Jack Macdowell 
Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer 
BBA 1996, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

Palisades Group is an alternative asset manager in the global residential credit markets. They have managed in excess of $22B of loans, real estate, and fixed income securities since 2012. They employ a top-down asset allocation approach and provide clients with a control-oriented management style anchored in asset level risk management, loss mitigation, and value-add strategies.  

Austin, TX  |  Banking & Finance 


Julian Rosales 
BS 1983, Life Member  
Cockrell School of Engineering 

ITSA  provides electrical engineering design and support to marine terminals dedicated to moving containers, maintenance, construction, and stevedoring services. 

Colon, Panama  |  Construction & Architecture 

RVC Outdoors Destinations
RVC Outdoor Destinations

Andrew Cates 
Founder & CEO 
BBA 1993, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

RVC Outdoors Destinations is redefining the RV camping experience with their unique concept, offering travelers the best of both worlds—affordable lodging options that offer upscale services and hotel-like amenities in beautiful, natural locations. 

Memphis, TN  |  Lodging & Travel 

VanTran Transformers
VanTran Transformers

Donald Bolin 
Owner & CEO 
BBA 1985, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

VanTran Transformers is a manufacturer of electric transformers for power distribution. 

Waco, TX  |  Manufacturing 

Willi Law Firm

James Willi 
Attorney at Law 
BS 1985, Life Member  
Cockrell School of Engineering 

Willi Law Firm, P.C. is a full-service estate planning and probate law firm working to provide peace of mind to clients and their families. 

Austin, TX  |  Legal Services

Syvantis Technologies

Janelle Riley 
President & CEO 
BA 1985, College of Natural Sciences 
MPA 1988, McCombs School of Business 

Ken Riley 
Vice President 
BA 1987, College of Natural Sciences 

Todd Froemming 
Vice President of Sales & Dir. of Consulting Services 
MBA 1991, McCombs School of Business 

Syvantis was started over 20 years ago by Longhorns Janelle Riley, Ken Riley, and Todd Froemming to provide businesses of all sizes with high-quality, and innovative business technology solutions. Today Syvantis supports clients utilizing Microsoft Dynamics business solutions throughout the U.S. and Europe.  

Baxter, MN  |  Business Services

Martin Walker

Reid Martin 
Founding Partner 
BA 1987, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

John Walker III 
Founding Partner 
BA 1988, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

Martin Walker P.C. is a Texas based trial law firm specializing in medical malpractice, product liability, and catastrophic injury cases for individuals throughout the U.S. 

Tyler, TX  |  Legal Services  

Cypress Industries

Thomas Lonsdale 
Owner & CEO 
BS 1994, Life Member  
Cockrell School of Engineering 

Cypress Industries is a global, vertically integrated contract manufacturer of PCBA's, sheet metal fabrication, box build services, wire harnesses, custom cables, custom control panels, plastic injection molding and machined parts. Their vertical integration allows customers to consolidate vendors and provides them with a unique perspective into many different manufacturing techniques. Our wholly-owned PCBA, sheet metal, custom cable, control panel and wire harness manufacturing facilities in Austin, Texas, Mexico, India, and China give them the ability to service customers' high-volume needs and global locations. 

Austin, TX  |  Manufacturing 

Tower Rock Oil and Gas

Oscar Torres 
Founder & CEO 
BS 1999, Cockrell School of Engineering 

Tower Rock Oil & Gas provides mineral and royalty owners across the country with a means to liquidate an asset in an otherwise illiquid market. They purchase producing and non-producing mineral and royalty interests across the lower 48 states in every major basin. 

Austin, TX  |  Oil and Gas Services 

Two Roads Consulting

Kevin Rammage 
Managing Partner 
MBA 2009, McCombs School of Business 

Denton Newham 
MBA 2006, McCombs School of Business 

Scott Chiou 
MBA 2009, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

Seth Plunk 
BA 2003, Life Member  
College of Natural Sciences 

Two Roads is a boutique management consulting firm in North Texas specializing in IT Strategy. They serve local Fortune 500 clients delivering critical programs and navigating transformation. All four Managing Members of Two Roads are Longhorns. 

Dallas, TX  |  Business Services 

Cavalry Strategies

Melissa Stone 
BJ 2003, Moody College of Communication 

Cavalry Strategies is a public affairs and political consulting company. They work for a variety of political, nonprofit, and corporate clients across the country. 

Tallahassee, FL  |  Marketing & Advertising 


Emerson Smith 
BA 2002, College of Liberal Arts 

Pushnami is an advertising and engagement platform made up of 20,000 sites, and delivers over 20 billion messages per month through browser-based push notifications and email. With Pushnami, web publishers are able to monetize and engage their subscribers while giving advertisers a way to reach new audiences. 

Austin, TX  |  Science & Technology 

Jimmy Cakes

Jim Sheahan 
BS 1990, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 

Jimmy Cakes, LLC  is a franchisee of Dallas-based Nothing Bundt Cakes® offering handcrafted bundt cakes in a variety of flavors and sizes for many occasions. Jim’s first bakery opened in November 2011 and he currently operates seven bakeries in Texas and Oklahoma with 11 more under development. Founded in Las Vegas in 1997 by Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz, Nothing Bundt Cakes has grown to become the nation’s largest specialty cake company with nearly 500 franchised and corporate bakeries in 40-plus states and Canada. 

Dallas, TX  |  Restaurants 

Brainstorm Learning

Jodi Lowther 
Co-Owner & Licensed Psychologist 
BA 1991, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

Brainstorm Learning (BSL) is a clinic that provides neuropsychological evaluations for children and young adults ages 2 to 25, as well as counseling services and social skills training. 

Fort Worth, TX  |  Doctors & Clinics 

Asher Media Inc

Kalyn Asher 
Owner & President 
BS 1990, Moody College of Communication 

Asher Media Inc. is an award-winning, woman-owned, Texas HUB-certified, independent media marketing agency. They create effective data-driven media plans and buys through a holistic lens to provide a strategic road map of success for your business. 

Addison, TX  |  Marketing & Advertising 

Home Trends & Design, Ltd.
Home Trends And Design

Hank Cravey 
BBA 1988, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

Home Trends & Design is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable home furnishings. Founded and located in Austin, the company operates a distribution center and retail store called World Interiors. 

Austin, TX  |  Shopping & Retail 

Mark Scholes 
Founding Partner 
BS 1995, Moody College of Communication 

Third Rail Creative is an interactive and creative ad agency focused on big branding and interactive projects for all industries with a specialization in financial services. 

Austin, TX  |  Marketing & Advertising 

SOAL Technologies

Ahmed Moledina 
Founder & CEO 
BBA 1993, McCombs School of Business 

SOAL Technologies is a global workforce solutions company that connects passion with purpose to ensure progress. They fulfill your quest for talent by using data-driven recruitment in order to make informed decisions and ensure a smooth candidate experience. 

Austin, TX  |  Business Services 


Indra Gutierrez 
MBA 2021, McCombs School of Business 

Gutier is a fully integrated construction services leader in design, procurement, and construction that specializes in industrial and government markets. The primary objective is to execute and deliver projects with the highest level of excellence. 

Houston, Texas  |  Construction & Architecture 

Horseless Cowboy

Timothy Cubbison 
Founder & CEO 
BS 2003, Life Member  
Moody College of Communication 

Horseless Cowboy is a creative consultancy that bridges the gap between the technology and entertainment industries. The company is trusted by hundreds of prestigious game studios, producers, and streaming services like Ubisoft, Netflix, Disney, EA, and Google to deliver writing, casting, voice-over, and performance services. With more than 15 years of experience producing voice-over for video games, original animation, and dubbing foreign content into English, Horseless Cowboy has overseen the recording of over 1 million lines of dialogue and over 500 hours of streamed entertainment. 

West Hollywood, CA  |  Arts, Culture & Entertainment 


Cristina Criado 
President & CEO 
BS 1992, Life Member  
Cockrell School of Engineering 

Criado & Associates Inc. (CRIADO) offers civil engineering, land surveying, SUE, right-of-way, and CEI services that specializes in municipal, transportation, and land development. 

Dallas, TX  |  Construction & Architecture 

Austin Deck Company

Abe Oeltjen 
BS 2001, Moody College of Communication 

Jennifer Oeltjen 
BA 1996, College of Liberal Arts 

Austin Deck Company designs and builds custom decks, pergolas, and arbors for residential and commercial projects. 

Austin, TX  |  Construction & Architecture 

Executive Medicine

Scott Yates 
BA 1996, Life Member 
College of Natural Sciences 

Center For Executive Medicine is a concierge medicine practice in Plano, Texas. They were among the first in the state and remain a thought-leading organization in this field. 

Plano, TX  |  Doctors & Clinics 


Travis Kisner 
BS 2004, Life Member  
Cockrell School of Engineering 

Detectachem is an industry leader in the world of threat detection. They provide life saving tools in the areas of explosive and drug detection. Detectachem has grown year over year for the past 13 years and is an industry leader in keeping the world safe. 

Sugar Land, TX  |  Science & Technology 

Texas Products

Frank Conselman 
BBA 1993, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

Texas Products offers wholesale Texas-themed gifts and souvenirs. 

Royse City, TX  |  Shopping & Retail 

Ben Vinson 
President & CEO 
BA 2003, College of Liberal Arts 

Vinson Law is a firm that represents asbestos injury clients. 

Tampa, FL  |  Legal Services 

Potts Blacklock Senterfitt, PLLC

Jessica Blacklock 
BBA 2002, McCombs School of Business 
JD 2005, School of Law 

Potts Blacklock Senterfitt is a corporate and real estate boutique law firm. 

Austin, TX  |  Legal Services 

Compass Datacenters

Chris Crosby 
BS 1993, Life Member  
College of Natural Sciences 

Compass, one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies, makes lives better by providing the world’s technology leaders a secure place to plug in wherever they grow. They provide custom, move-in ready data centers from the edge to core. 

Dallas, TX  |  Science & Technology 

ACL Cables

Hiran Arjuna Suren Madanayake 
Managing Director 
BS 1993, Cockrell School of Engineering 

ACL Cables PLC is the largest manufacturer of cables in Sri Lanka having pioneered the industry in 1962. ACL holds 45% share of the local market and produce the widest range of cables in Sri Lanka. 

Colombo, Sri Lanka  |  Construction & Architecture 

Blacklake Security

Kirk Jones 
Founder & President 
BA 1992, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

BlackLake Security is a full-range cyber security services company with a stable of engineers, architects, integrators, troubleshooters, project managers, and trainers that can tackle whatever seems to be ailing you. More importantly, all BlackLake team members are fervent believers in their mission statement: “We’re not just the industry’s first Clarity™ Added Partner we’re also committed to becoming your partner of choice. Our goal is to clear away the confusion surrounding cyber security in order to illuminate your way.” 

Austin, TX  |  Science & Technology 

Texican Specialty Products

Jon Spilger 
BA 1986, College of Liberal Arts 

Texican Specialty Products is a manufacturer of restaurant equipment. 

Houston, TX  |  Food & Beverage 

SFMG Wealth Advisors

Kevin Margolis 
CEO & Managing Director 
BBA 1989, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

SFMG Wealth Advisors is a Dallas-based, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) comprised of professionals with a variety of unique backgrounds and viewpoints. Their team offers high-touch, personalized financial planning and wealth management for high-net worth families, business owners, executives, and private equity investors. Their client relationship philosophy is simple: Consistently deliver advice that creates successful and confident clients. They strive to help plan their future, manage their financial affairs, allowing them to enjoy living with financial confidence, and providing peace of mind, for life. 

Plano, TX  |  Banking & Finance 

Zilker Brewing Co

Forrest Clark 
BBA 2000, Life Member
McCombs School of Business 

Marco Rodriguez 
Co-Founder & Director of Brewing Operations 
Attended, Cockrell School of Engineering 

Zilker Brewing Company is an Austin based manufacturing brewery and urban taproom. 

Austin, TX  |  Food & Beverage 

Genesco Sports Enterprises

John Tatum 
Owner & CEO 
BA 1989, College of Liberal Arts 

Genesco Sports is a strategic marketing consultancy and sponsorship activation agency representing the most Fortune 100 Companies in the industry. Genesco Sports develops sales and marketing solutions for  corporate clients leveraging investments in sports and entertainment. Their clients include Pepsi, Frito-Lay, T-Mobile, Lowe's, Anheuser-Busch, American Airlines, 7-Eleven, and others. 

Dallas, TX  |  Marketing & Advertising 

Stagg Restaurants

Ned Stagg 
Owner & Operator 
BBA 1979, Life Member, McCombs School of Business 

Stagg Restaurants owns and operates 33 McDonald’s restaurants in the Greater San Antonio Area. 

San, Antonio, TX  |  Restaurants 

Hill Country Dental Associates

James Bone 
President & Dentist 
BA 1990, Life Member
College of Liberal Arts 

Hill Country Dental Associates is a group practice offering a variety of dental services. They believe great dentistry isn’t just about teeth—it’s about enabling a way of life through relationships and ongoing preventative and comprehensive care. 

Kerrville, TX  |  Dentists & Orthodontists 

Giant Noise
Giant Noise

Elaine Garza 
BJ 1994, Life Member
Moody College of Communication 

Giant Noise is a public relations and digital media agency based in Texas. Their editorial approach combined with social media expertise, key influencer and brand partnerships, and creative events keep your brand top of mind. And with in-house photography and graphic design services, it’s all done under one roof. Giant Noise is certified as an Emerging Small Business Enterprise, Women Business Enterprise, and Small Business Enterprise. 

Austin, TX  |  Marketing & Advertising 

✪ Longhorn Business Network Member 
Day 1 Bags

Hunter Beaton 
Founder & CEO 
BSCL 2022, Moody College of Communication 

Day 1 Bags provides brand new, high-quality bags to youth in foster care instead of trash bags as luggage when they are moving from home to home. They have given over 110,000 bags to youth in need across 45 states. 

Boerne, TX  |  Community Organizations 

Community Business Finance

William Ebersole 
Founder & CEO 
MBA 1993, Life Member
McCombs School of Business 

Vincent Calicchia 
BBA 1990, McCombs School of Business 

Community Business Finance originates financing for businesses under the SBA 504 loan program. 

Houston, TX  |  Banking & Finance 

Chamberlain Hrdlicka

Larry Campagna 
Managing Shareholder 
BA 1974, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 
JD 1977, School of Law 

Chamberlain Hrdlicka is a multi-practice, tax-focused law firm with offices in Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Approximately half of their 160 attorneys are in our nationally ranked tax practices. 

Houston, TX  |  Legal Services 

Hiatus Spa + Retreat

William Garrison 
Founder & Managing Partner 
BA 1992, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 

Hiatus Spa and Retreat offers day spa and med spa services, along with products, from eight locations across Texas. It also operates a private label business and a massage school. 

Dallas, TX  |  Beauty Services 

Annie McAdams

Annie McAdams 
BSW 2000, Life Member  
School of Social Work 

Annie McAdams Insurance & Injury Trial Lawyers offers litigation attorneys and lead trial counsel against the tech and hospitality industries for human trafficking. 

Houston, TX  |  Legal Services 

San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery

Delio Ortegon 
BA 1993, Life Member  
College of Natural Sciences 

San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery is led by a Board Certified plastic surgeon. 

San Antonio, TX  |  Doctors & Clinics 


Abby Daigle 
BJ 2006, Moody College of Communication 

Stems is a floral shop in Austin specializing in floral design and event styling. They do weddings and events from à la carte to large-scale, with full- service design. They also offer flowers and gifts for pick up or delivery. 

Austin, TX  |  Wedding, Events & Meetings 

Independence Brewery

Amy Cartwright 
Co-Founder & President 
BJ 1998, Moody College of Communication 

Rob Cartwright 
BA 1996, College of Liberal Arts 

Independence Brewing Co. has served the independent thinkers and drinkers of Texas since 2004. Founded by Longhorns Amy and Rob Cartwright, the couple’s small mom, pop, and dog operation has grown to into one of the state’s largest craft breweries. 

Austin, TX  |  Food & Beverage 

Larry Fallek 
BA 1964, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 
LLB 1965, School of Law 

Michael Fallek 
BA 1993, Life Member  
College of Liberal Arts 
JD 1996, School of Law 

Castle Hospitality owns (through affiliated companies) and operates several hotels in Texas. 

McAllen, Texas  |  Lodging & Travel 


Nick Mastronardi 
PhD 2009, College of Liberal Arts 

Polco improves how constituents provide input and helps government officials make better data informed decisions. Polco is a software company providing an online verified civic communication platform and government performance analytics dashboards. 

Middleton, WI  |  Community Organizations 

Ovare Group

Jordan Reber 
Chairman & CEO 
MSTC 2015, Life Member  
McCombs School of Business 

OvareGroup is a diverse and dynamic group of businesses, spanning across multiple industries and continents to include a full collection of marketing services businesses, a venture capital arm, real-estate holdings and a suite of outdoor lifestyle brands. 

Louisville, KY  |  Marketing & Advertising 


Duff Stewart 
BA 1984, College of Liberal Arts 

GSD&M is a fully integrated agency that has been building some of the world’s most iconic brands for the past 50 years. They exist to build First & Only brands—fueled by ideas that are the first of their kind for the only brands that can pull them off. 

Austin, TX  |  Marketing & Advertising 

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Michael Hsu 
BAR 1993, School of Architecture 

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture is a fully integrated architecture and interior design practice also offering branding, art curation, and procurement services. Their work spans a variety of project types, but is rooted in hospitality. 

Austin, TX  |  Construction & Architecture 

Office Source, Ltd.
OfficeSource, Ltd

Kay Harig 
BS 1981, College of Natural Sciences 

OfficeSource, Ltd. is a 100% woman-owned commercial furniture, design, and services dealer servicing San Antonio and the South Texas region. 

San Antonio, TX  |  Construction & Architecture 

Ronald McDonald House Dallas

Jill Cumnock 
BS 1987, College of Natural Sciences 

Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMHD) has been a pillar of the North Texas community since it first opened our doors in 1981. Over the decades, they have served tens of thousands of critically ill or injured children and their families. 

Dallas, TX  |  Community Organizations 

The Station Seafood Co.

Tre Thomas 
BA 2001, College of Liberal Arts 

The Station Seafood Company is a Black-owned cajun seafood restaurant in Houston serving all your favorite cajun catches for dine-in or delivery. The Station serves cajun classics from hand-battered seafood, shrimp and grits, to pasta and wings. 

Houston, TX  |  Restaurants 

BIRD Bakery

Elizabeth Chambers 
Founder & CEO 
BJ 2003, Moody College of Communication 

BIRD bakery is a full-service restaurant with three locations in two states (San Antonio, Dallas, and Denver). Each family recipe served is made on-site, from scratch, each and every day. 

San Antonio, TX  |  Restaurants 

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Winners A to Z

  • 365 Things Austin
  • A Taste of Koko
  • ACL Cables PLC
  • AffiniPay
  • AlertMedia
  • Amazing Exteriors
  • Annie McAdams
  • Asher Media Inc.
  • Austin Deck Company
  • B2 Architecture + Design
  • Beatbox Beverages
  • BHW Capital
  • BIRD bakery
  • Blacklake Security
  • Brainstorm Learning
  • Buzzballz, LLC
  • CarbonBetter
  • Castle Hospitality, Ltd.
  • Cavalry Strategies
  • Center For Executive Medicine
  • Chamberlain Hrdlicka
  • College Inroads
  • Community Business Finance
  • Compass Datacenters
  • Criado & Associates, Inc.
  • Cypress Industries
  • Daito Design
  • Day 1 Bags
  • Desert Door
  • Detectachem Inc.
  • Direct Digital Holdings
  • E & Co Tech
  • El Arroyo
  • Elite Dental Wellness
  • Forcura
  • Fractilia, LLC
  • Freedom Solar Power
  • Gardner Smith & Vaughan
  • Garrison Brothers Distillery
  • Genesco Sports Enterprises, Inc.
  • Giant Noise
  • GSD&M
  • Gutier
  • Hiatus Spa + Retreat
  • Hill Country Dental Associates
  • Home Trends & Design, Ltd
  • Horseless Cowboy
  • Independence Brewing Co., Inc.
  • ITSA
  • Jimmy Cakes, LLC
  • Korman
  • Latigo Petroleum, LLC
  • Liongard
  • Maestro Integrations
  • Martin Walker P.C.
  • Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
  • Nitya Capital
  • NOSOTROS Education Center
  • Ocean’s Halo
  • OfficeSource, Ltd
  • OJO
  • OvareGroup
  • Palisades Group
  • Paradigm Sample
  • Peachtree Group
  • Polco
  • Poncho Outdoors
  • Potts Blacklock Senterfitt, PLLC
  • Pushnami, LLC
  • Rambler Sparkling Water
  • Raven Butene-1, LLC
  • Reveal Suits
  • RiverCity Cabinets
  • Ronald McDonald House Of Dallas, Inc.
  • Roots Behavioral Health
  • RVC Outdoors Destinations
  • San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery, PA
  • SFMG Wealth Advisors
  • SOAL Technologies, LLC.
  • Stagg Restaurants Dba McDonald’s
  • Stems
  • Syvantis Technologies, Inc.
  • TAXA Outdoors
  • Texas Products
  • Texas Standard
  • Texican Specialty Products
  • The Station Seafood Co.
  • The Steam Team
  • Third Rail Creative
  • Tower Rock Oil & Gas
  • Two Roads Consulting
  • VanTran Transformers
  • Vinson Law, P.A.
  • Watters International Realty
  • WeInfuse
  • Willi Law Firm, P.C.
  • Yotascale Inc.
  • Zilker Brewing Company