The Black Alumni Network is excited to announce the establishment of our flagship endowment – The $1,000,000 dollar Legacy Endowment.  Unlike other conduits that ostensibly foster a greater presence of Black students on the UT campus, The Legacy Endowment is novel insofar as it is an endowment that is being established and funded exclusively by Black alumni (hereinafter, Legacies) for the sole purpose of providing academic scholarships to the best, the brightest and most deserving Black students from around the state and around the nation.  From Us – For Us, if you will.

We are aware that there are numerous academic and need based financial assistance instruments that are available to attract Black students to the University of Texas at Austin, but never before have UT’s Black alumni joined forces, pooled resources and put in place a mechanism to increase the numbers of Black matriculants and eventual graduates from the University of Texas at Austin.  That is the impetus of the Legacy Endowment; From Us – For Us.

Because the Legacy Scholarship is a distribution from monies provided by Black alumni, it will be, by definition, the highest and most coveted honor that a Black student at the University of Texas at Austin can attain.  The Legacies, recognizing the promise and merit in your petition to become a Texas Longhorn, confer upon you a scholarship that is rooted in every Black soul who preceded you at the University of Texas.

The Black Alumni Network Legacy Endowment will be funded by 1,000 Black alumni who contribute $1,000 each.  A $1,000,000 dollar endowment From Us – For Us! Our ambition is to have the Legacy Endowment fully funded in 24 months with the first Legacy Scholarship to be awarded in the fall of 2021.  Legacies who commit and remit their $1,000 contributions between now and December 31, 2018 will be known as Legacy Griots to acknowledge their imperative of keeping the history and the tradition of Black matriculants at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Black Alumni Network will concurrently establish and fund the Legacy Corporate, which will solicit funds from any non-alumni whose passion for higher education and diversity on the UT campus compels them to action and corporate donors whose resources will help attract Black students to the university.  The increased diversity among college graduates will advance corporate America’s universal objective of diversifying the workforce making it more reflective of the global community