Longhorns Providing Relief in February’s Winter Storm

On Feb. 15, a brutal winter storm impacted the lives of millions of Texans, and many still need support.

Longhorn Legislator Committee Leadership

As of January 12, the Texas Legislature gaveled into the 87th Legislative Session. As a part of the legislative process, representatives and senators are given committee assignments by the Lt.

Forty Acres Scholars Program Class of 2025 Finalists

The Forty Acres Scholars Program is proud to announce the 65 finalists for the Class of 2025. Finalists were selected from over 4,700 applicants.

Katherine Tong, BA ’12, a key player in the fight against food insecurity in Texas during the pandemic.  

Katherine Tong, BA ’12, has been a key player in the fight against food insecurity in Texas during the pandemic.   During the 87th Texas Legislative Session, we’re sharing special alumni stories abou

Texas Exes November Dinner and Discussion Menu

Happy Option: Map’s Nacho Recipe   Ingredients 1-2 bags of tortilla chips  16 oz white Velveeta cheese   2 10-oz cans Rotel diced tomatoes with green chiles  1 4-oz can Hatch green chiles  2 diced ja

Texas Exes October Dinner and Discussion Menu

Anika’s Favorite Chicken Wings Restaurant: Pluckers Same Baked Chicken Wings (Total time: 55 min) Makes 6 Servings Ingredients 3 pounds pre-cut chicken wings or whole chicken, cut into smaller pi

FASP Community, Virtually Everywhere!

For those close to the Forty Acres Scholars Program, you are familiar with its endearing acronym: “FASP.” During this socially distanced semester, it can be difficult for students to make connections

Job Search

How to be Confident in Your Job Search

Many of my clients struggle with confidence during their job search.

The Five Best Kept Resume Secrets

I don’t know many people who enjoy writing a resume. Usually it’s the last thing we want to do, and we procrastinate to the very last minute.

Job search

Fight the Fear of the Job Hunt

Searching for a new career can be overwhelming. For some people, the job-hunting process is like climbing a mountain when you are really out of shape!