Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Throughout their four years on campus, the 20 scholars in the Class of 2022 founded businesses and organizations and held key leadership positions.

Forty Acres Scholars Program Class of 2026 Announced

The Texas Exes is pleased to announce the Forty Acres Scholars Program Class of 2026.

Forty Acres Scholars Program Class of 2026 Finalists

The Forty Acres Scholars Program is proud to announce the 60 finalists for the Class of 2026. Finalists were selected from over 3,400 applicants.

FASP Seniors Conclude Their Fall Semesters Abroad

As most students are wrapping up their fall semester in Austin, some of our Scholars are reflecting on their semester abroad. This fall, three seniors had the opportunity to spend their time exploring

Mentorship Opportunities Available!

Programs across the Forty Acres are looking to connect students and alumni.

The ABCs of Networking

For some, networking comes naturally. For others, it can be an intimidating experience. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to lessen the fear of putting yourself out there.

Career tips you didn’t even know you needed.

Get organized. Create a spreadsheet to track the jobs you’ve applied to, interview dates, and other important information. Learn more  Practice interviewing using Big Interview to prepare for the nex

Scholar Spotlight: Olivia Pierce

Olivia Pierce, Class of 2024, is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark where she is focusing on Engineering Communications. “It is pretty weird being a tourist in a country not open to American tour

Scholar Spotlight: Nikita Kakkad

Nikita Kakkad, Class of 2024, is studying abroad in Ireland.

Scholar Spotlight: Kerry Mackenzie

This week, we shine the Scholar Spotlight on Kerry Mackenzie, Class of 2022. Kerry is majoring in government and Plan II Honors and is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.