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Below, we have a listing of our regional leads for our Alumnae Network!

Feel free to reach out to these ladies to discuss upcoming events and ways for OJAAs to stay connected beyond 40 acres.

Also, this list of alumnae have volunteered to be contacts in the past, so each one is a great person to reach out to if you want to see what's shakin' in your area, and to collaborate with to plan events. If you would like to be added to the list, please feel free to let us know! We can also create a page for better contact for cities that don't have them yet.

Austin - Emily Scheinfeld

     Austin Facebook

Boston - Julia KuoAlyssa Davis


     "Dallas, Dallas" - Candace Brister, Sarah-Michelle StearnsChelsea Adler

     (north) Dallas/Lewisville/Denton - Hope Garcia

     Dallas Facebook

Houston - Miriam Camero, Jessica Hart, Andrea LeBlanc, Megan Ortiz

     Houston Facebook

East Texas - Emily Scheinfeld

Minneapolis - Brandi Weidler 

Chicago - Alisha Patel

New York City - Bisi OgunroMariana Fanous

     New York City Facebook

San Antonio - Yvette Medina

     San Antonio Facebook

Washington, DC - Amelia Danielle Whitman

     Washington, DC Facebook

San Diego - Ali Puente Douglass

Bay Area - Lauren Caton

     Bay Area Facebook