In 2014, our Network set out to endow a $15,000 fund by the end of 2021 to establish our very own annual scholarship fund. Once the base endowment was met, we began making awards each year to LGBTQ+ students through the Texas Exes scholarship application program.

LGBTQ+ students come to the university sometimes without the support of parents and guardians, or are only safe in their enrollment by staying in the closet. Cost of living in Austin is increasing rapidly, and with increases in tuition, students can use the strong support of alumni to fund their future. Our hope is that all students are secure with their financial status on campus so they can be part of and contribute to the richness of the LGBTQ+ community on campus. With the help of many, we created the first widely available scholarship for LGTBQ+ students at UT!

1. John Cano11. Mamta Accapadi21.        31.
2. Brian Moskal12. Donor on 1/3/202022.32.
3. Robert Grunnah13. Dr. Enrique Romo23.33.
4. Austin Dennis (x3 Match)14. Jamie Gonzales24.34.
5. Ryan Miller15. Ryan Cox 25.35.
6. Donor on 12/23/2019 16. Donor on 1/8/202026.36.
7. Donor on 12/24/201917. Donald Dykes27.37.
8. Donor on 12/24/201918.28.38.
9. Donor on 12/30/201919.29.39.
10. Marcus Ceniceros20.30.40.


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