About the Texas Exes Washington, DC Board

Texas Exes Washington, DC Board Members serve one-year terms as volunteers. Board Members may serve multiple years in different positions. Formal Board positions are assigned annually in June, but At-large Board Members are encouraged to join throughout the year to be eligible for formal positions. 

Interested in joining the DC Texas Exes Board or helping out with Board activities? Apply via the button below!

DC Texas Exes 2023-2024 Board Members:

  • President: Cole Stevens

  • President-Elect: Lane Bogar

  • Treasurer: Amil Malik

  • Events Chair: Monica Smith

  • Membership and Community Service Chair: Alfredo Lugo

  • Scholarship Chair: Melysa Barth

  • Communications Chair: Amber Vargas

  • Social Media Chair: Alex Pham

  • Minister of Culture: Vasia Pobedinski

  • Minister of Culture: Levi Mulroy

At-Large Members: 

  • Kaushik Katta

  • Sharif Long

  • Sam Chen

  • Briana Nelson

  • Jon Carter

  • Radhika Shah

  • Tanner Long

  • William Bandy

  • Talia Hill

  • Naziya Ahmed

  • Anagha Kikkeri

Connect with Us

Stay up to date with the DC chapter! To receive our newsletter by email and learn about upcoming events, make sure your mailing address is up to date with Texas Exes: 

1. Log in to your Texas Exes account: https://www.texasexes.org/user/login

2. Update your home address to your DMV-area address

3. Check your profile's Communications Preferences to ensure "Chapters" communication is allowed

To get in touch and get involved, please contact the Texas Exes Washington, DC Chapter President, Cole Stevens, at dcchapter@texasexes.org