Texas Caissons–Orlando A. Bonilla Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Katelyn Dolezal / Sophomore / Biology – Human
Biology / La Grangeville, NY
The University of Texas Army ROTC alumni established this scholarship to honor the memory of Orlando A. Bonillo, BA ’99, a Distinguished Military Graduate of the UT Army ROTC program. Captain Bonilla was deployed to Iraq and was killed in January 2005 in the loss of his helicopter supporting combat operations. The scholarship is awarded to a member of the UT Army ROTC program.

Texas Caissons Scholarship– Colonel Lawson W. Magruder, Jr. (U.S. Army Retired) Memorial Scholarship
Colonel Lawson W. Magruder, Jr., BBA ’42, BS ’78, passed away on February 1, 2003. His legacy as a soldier, community leader, and family man lives on. This scholarship goes to an MS IV cadet in the UT Army ROTC program who exemplifies two Army values that were cherished by Colonel Magruder: duty and integrity.

Texas Caissons Scholarship–Tommy Pham Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Daniel Ehrlich / Sophomore / Psychology / Houston 
This scholarship is given in memory of Second Lieutenant Tommy Minh Vu Pham, BS ’98, and was made possible by a generous donation from Tommy’s widow, Maria Truong. It is for a member of the UT Army ROTC program.

Texas Caissons Scholarship– Russell Steindam Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Susan Gogel / Senior / Government / Killeen
This scholarship is given to a member of the UT Army ROTC program in memory of First Lieutenant Russell A. Steindam, BA ’68, who was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for gallantry in combat in the Republic of Vietnam.