Welcome Boston Longhorns!

Welcome to the official website of the Texas Exes Boston Chapter.  In addition to being an opportunity to reminisce about our time on the Forty Acres and favorite things in Texas, these events are a great opportunity to forge new friendships in the Boston area, find out all there is to enjoy about Boston, network, and cheer on our favorite teams.  We invite all friends of the University of Texas in the Boston area and their families to join us! 

The Texas Exes Mission

The Ex-Student’s Association, or commonly known as Texas Exes, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that exists to promote scholarships for students of The University of Texas at Austin and unite alumni around the world.  Our chapter's part in this mission is to provide fun and meaningful involvement opportunities in the Boston area to Texas Exes members, bringing Texas to you.

Meet the Board!

Sabrina Clemens, President

Ana Eisenhauer,  Vice President

Ashley Kerwin, Vice President 

Melissa Talal, Scholarship Officer

Nathan Wheeler, Treasurer

Amy Loper, Membership Officer

Kyle Savitt, Technology Officer

Yi Zheng, Board Member

Kirsten Snow, Head of Photography

Ben Blacklock, Social Chair

Jose San Juan, Social Officer


Keep up with with all of the Longhorn happenings in and around Boston!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BostonExes/
Instagram: @texasexesboston
Email: texasexesboston@gmail.com
Linktree: linktr.ee/Texas_Exes_Boston


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