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Our advocacy efforts focus on preparing our alumni—from educators, business analysts, social workers, and recent grads—for communicating with decision-makers on issues that directly affect students and professors on the Forty Acres.

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UT Advocates stay well-informed on higher education issues and work to make sure our alma mater is strongly represented with lawmakers and key decision-makers in Texas and Washington.  


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UT's Impact on Texas

UT’S Impact on Texas

Explore the economic effects of UT on your community.

Texas Capitol Building

Briefing Room Feb. 27, 2019

You may have seen TAMU Chancellor John Sharp’s opinion piece last week in the Houston Chronicle, in which TAMU makes the case for greater investment in public higher education ...

UT Tower

Briefing Room: May 28, 2019

UT Tower and Main Building from Front

Briefing Room: May 14, 2019

Texas Capitol Building

Briefing Room Feb. 27, 2019


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Learn how the UT Austin budget is allocated from research grants, the PUF, the state, and other sources.