Longhorn Legislator Committee Leadership

Posted February 25, 2021


As of January 12, the Texas Legislature gaveled into the 87th Legislative Session. As a part of the legislative process, representatives and senators are given committee assignments by the Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House to review and debate legislation. 

The Texas Exes recognizes and honors all our Longhorn leaders in the Texas Legislature for their service and dedication to advancing our state by strengthening higher education. 

Below are the Longhorn legislators who were selected to lead House and Senate committees. 

Texas Senate 

Sen. Dawn Buckingham, BS '92 
Chair, Senate Committee on Nominations  

Sen. Brandon Creighton, BA '93 
Chair, Senate Committee on Higher Education  
Chair, Senate Select Committee on Ports 

Sen. Nathan Johnson, JD '93  
Vice-Chair, Senate Committee on Administration 

Sen. Charles Schwertner, BS '92 
Chair, Senate Committee on Administration  

Sen. Judith Zaffirini, BS '67, MA '70, PHD '78, Life Member, DAA 
Vice-Chair, Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Economic Development  

Texas House  

Rep. Sheryl Cole, BBA '86, JD '91, Life Member 
Vice-Chair, House Administration Committee 

Rep. Philip Cortez, PHD '17, Life Member 
Chair, House Urban Affairs Committee 

Rep. Craig Goldman, BA '91, Life Member 
Chair, House Energy Resources Committee 

Rep. Mary González, BA '07, PHD '19 
Vice-Chair, House Appropriations Committee 

Rep. Ana Hernandez, JD '04 
Vice-Chair, House State Affairs Committee 

Rep. Abel Herrero, JD '97 
Vice-Chair, House Energy Resources Committee 

Rep. Gina Hinojosa, BA '96, Life Member  
Vice-Chair, House Human Services Committee 

Rep. John Kuempel, BA '92, Life Member 
Vice-Chair, House Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee 

Rep. J.M. Lozano, BA '03, Life Member 
Vice-Chair, House Public Education Committee 

Rep. Ben Leman, BBA '98 
Vice-Chair, House Land & Resource Management Committee 

Rep. Jim Murphy, BA '82  
Chair, House Higher Education Committee 

Rep. Richard Raymond Pena, BA '92, JD '06, Life Member 
Chair, House Defense & Veterans’ Affairs Committee 

Rep. Chris Turner, BA '96, Life Member
Chair, House Committee on Business & Industry