The Texas Exes New Jersey Chapter consists of alumni and friends of The University of Texas connecting to each other and to UT Austin, especially by helping deserving high-school graduates to attend the University. Your membership is automatic if you are a member of the Texas Exes, our parent organization. We also create opportunities for fellowship and meaningful alumni involvement for Texas Exes members while carrying out alumni programs in New Jersey.

We would like to hold events and activities year-round designed to connect Texas Exes members to each other and to the past, present, or future of UT Austin. We usually have a celebration of Texas Independence Day on or around March 2, to celebrate the state that founded the "University of the first class"!

If there are other activities you'd like to see sponsored by our chapter, see our ’Contact Us’ page to ask someone how you can be involved. If you don't see your particular interest represented, call or e-mail our "Key Contact".