Welcome UK Longhorns!

Welcome to the official website of the UK Texas Exes Chapter.  In addition to being an opportunity to reminisce about our time on the Forty Acres and favorite things in Texas, these events are a great opportunity to forge new friendships in the UK, whether you're here for a year or ten! Our network of alumni can help you to discover all there is to enjoy about the UK, network, and cheer on our favorite teams.  We invite all University of Texas alumni in the UK and their families to join us!

To get in touch and get involved, please contact the  Chapter President, JC Abella


The Texas Exes mission is to praise, promote and protect The University of Texas and its students, and to unite, inform and involve alumni and friends in fellowship and support of education.  Our chapter's part in this mission is to provide fun and meaningful involvement opportunities in the UK to Texas Exes members, bringing Texas to you.

Upcoming Events

  • UK Texas Exes Annual Pub Crawl: 24 June 2023:  This year we have various pubs we will visit around Camden.