Welcome to the Texas Caissons Alumni Network!

The Texas Caissons is a not-for-profit corporation, organized in 1990, whose purpose is to support the Army ROTC (AROTC) Cadets of the University of Texas at Austin. Caissons members are graduates and friends of UT and or AROTC who believe in the ROTC mission and the benefit of the Army ROTC program. The Caissons roster encompasses not only active members, but all officers commissioned through the UT Austin ROTC program since 1934. Currently there are 1,784 people listed, with more than 60% residing in Texas, and the remaining 40% "Changing the World" from across the globe.

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The Caissons act on multiple lines of effort in their quest to serve the Cadets and the Alumni:

Line of Effort Program Details
Service to Cadets Scholarships
  • Caissons sponsors Scholarships through endowments run through the Texas Exes.
  • LTG Magruder sponsors one additional scholarship
  • Increase scholarship dollars through campaign and on-line donations through Texas Exes website
Service to Cadets Event Support
  • Field Exercises
  • Morale support (food)
  • Direct support (personnel)
  • Resource support
  • Event Support
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Special Occasion Ceremonies
Service to Cadets CTLT Support
  • Cadets assigned to CTLT linked up with alumni serving at the assigned CTLT location.
  • Does not replace official sponsor.
Service to Cadets Drill Visit with Alumni
  • Alumni conducting drill within Texas solicited to sponsor cadet(s) to expose them to Guard/Reserve life.
  • Promote Simultaneous Membership Program.
Service to Cadets Fort Hood/Sam Visits
  • Alumni stationed at Fort Hood or Fort Sam solicited to sponsor cadet(s) to expose them to active duty officer life.
Service to Cadets Alumni Speaker Visits
  • Alumni screened and selected by PMS solicited to speak to Cadets
  • Recommend charismatic speakers
  • Recommend mix of Senior and Junior Leaders with deployment experience.
Service to Cadets Local Austin Socials/Dinners
  • Local alumni to get more involved on an informal level with cadets.
  • Attend or host Sunday dinners or Happy Hour events with cadets.
Service to Cadets Networking Support
  • Access to filtered member roster
  • Year group, rank, name, branch/occupation, email, city, state
  • Access to Texas Exes Benefits
  • Encourage local/regional social events
Service to Cadets Cadet Event Attendance
  • Electronic invitations to events
  • Formals
  • Informal events



President | Texas Caissons

Please contact the Texas Exes Caissons Network President, Bryan Bogle, at caissonsnetwork@texasexes.org or 832-638-4187 if you would like to attend any of the above.

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