Texas Exes Brownsville Chapter leaders identify aspiring UT scholars, make them aware of the advantages UT Austin has to offer, and assist them financially where possible.

The Chapter's Scholarships Committee meets in the spring of each year to review applications from students who live in Brownsville and expect to enter UT Austin in the summer or fall. Please let the chair of that committee know if you are interested in helping with this recruitment and selection process.

These scholarships are provided by gifts from UT supporters who live in the county or via fundraisers that chapter volunteers are able to set up. (If you have ideas about how to increase our scholarship fund, we would love to hear it!)

In addition, we are fund-raising as a participant in the Texas Exes’ Challenge Grant so that we can award four-year scholarships to Black or Hispanic Brownsville-area students, to help with UT Austin’s need to recruit and retain bright minority students. Every dollar we raise in this program is doubled! 

We are very proud of the students we have been able to help send to UT. We hope they have half as much fun as we had in Austin! We know they'll get an excellent education.