Preparing for an interview is a combination of research, practice, and using common sense. Here are few tips to guide you.

1. Research the employer. Find out everything you can about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. Talk to friends, read current press releases, google, and check out their social media presence. Try to get a sense of their brand and the tone of their standard communications. Are they formal or informal? Either way, this will help you tailor how you present yourself in the interview. 

2. Formulate a couple of questions that will let the interviewer know you’ve done your homework.

3. Try to get the names of the team that will interview you and research them. Learn as much as you can and develop questions about their background, focus at the company, or common interests.

4. Different companies use different interview formats. Ask the HR rep what the interview will be like and prepare accordingly.

5. Research common interview questions, formulate answers, and practice answering them out loud. Don’t forget about the common question, “tell me about yourself” either. This is your elevator pitch so create an interesting and brief response that relates your strongest skills.

6. Dress the part. Research whether the company’s dress attire is formal or casual and plan accordingly. 

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