Advocacy History

The University of Texas and the Texas Legislature have been inextricably linked since 1883. For decades, decisions made inside the Capitol have affected the university's funding, admissions policies, growth, and overall direction. In all that time, university leaders have been prohibited from lobbying the Legislature directly, and they still are to this day. That's where the Texas Exes and the UT Advocates come in. As an independent nonprofit, we can, with your help, advocate for the university and its legislative priorities.

The Texas Exes has advocated on behalf of UT-Austin almost since its inception. Past successes include: indirect cost recovery of research grants, totaling around $70 million a year for the university; the ability for the university to set their own tuition rate to offset decreases in state and federal funding for higher education; and amendments to the Top 10 Percent Law that capped enrollment to 75 percent of the freshmen class.

The UT Advocates do for the university exactly what it cannot appeal directly to legislators and other decision makers. UT Advocates organize alumni and friends to be informed, enthusiastic voices in supporting the university's agenda. They emphasize to legislators and all Texans the positive economic and social impact the university has on the State of Texas.