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Chapter and Network Renewal Process

About the renewal process: 

This is a yearly requirement for existing chapters and networks to update and renew their information with Texas Exes. The Texas Exes has chartered and non-chartered alumni groups—the main distinctions are the requirements and expectations from the Texas Exes Association such as the number of required officers, event documentation, bylaws, and whether they award scholarships. A chartered chapter or network has a minimum requirement of four officers, while a non-chartered one only has one Key Contact. Non-chartered chapters and networks cannot award scholarships.  Learn more about the differences between our chartered/non-chartered chapters and networks in the Chapter and Network Leader handbook. 

Before you begin:

The annual renewal form can only be completed by the incoming Chapter/Network President/Key Contact.
Chapter and Network Presidents/Key Contacts should review the full submission process, gather all necessary officer and financial information, and communicate with your leadership team prior to initiating the renewal form. Presidents will be asked to submit all officer names (legal first and last names), preferred email addresses, leadership titles, and the financial report (on behalf of the Treasurer).
Having this information ready to go prior to starting the form will expedite your submission and help you complete your annual renewal in one sitting! If you submit your renewal forms incorrectly, you will be asked to resubmit. 

Renewal Steps: 

Step 1: The July 2024 – June 2025 President (chartered) or Key Contact (non-chartered) for the upcoming year, will initiate and complete the online renewal form in one sitting. No other officer position should initiate the renewal process! Once the President/Key Contact has submitted the initial renewal form, all other officers will receive an automated email from the Texas Exes directing you to complete a Conflict of Interest and Volunteer Code of Conduct form.

Form outline:

  • Page 1: Annual Renewal Form 

    • Confirm you are the President/Key Contact and follow the onscreen directions. 

    • Indicate if you plan to renew as Chartered vs. Non-Chartered and the form will give you additional prompts based on your selection.

    • Select your chapter or network from the Leadership Entity drop-down menu.

    • Enter your personal contact information. Note: The Texas Exes will use the entered email, mailing address, and phone number as your preferred contact method for ALL Texas Exes and UT communications. Verify your leadership team's legal first/last names & contact information before beginning/submitting the renewal form! Incorrect name/email submissions will negatively impact their personal contact record. 

  • Page 2: Chapter and Network Annual Agreement

    • Read the Annual Agreement, select your group type (chapter, international chapter, or network) from the drop-down menu, upload bylaws and sponsorship agreements, and agree to the statements listed.  

  • Page 3: List of Officers  Depending on your renewal type you will see different pages. Chartered chapters/networks must have at least four officers with these titles: President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Membership Chair. The Texas Exes highly encourages having a Scholarship Chair if you are awarding scholarships! 

    • Verify your leadership team's legal first/last names & preferred contact information before submitting your leadership team section! Incorrect name/email submissions will negatively impact their personal contact record. 

    • Presidents of chartered groups will be asked to enter the slate of officers for the upcoming leadership year (July 2024 - June 2025).

    • Key Contacts of non-chartered groups will be given an opportunity to enter additional officers.

    • Important Note: Chartered and non-chartered groups must report ALL chapter/network volunteers that will be a part of the leadership team, especially if you have more than the required positions. Example: Scholarship Chair, Event Chair, board members, committee chairs, etc. If you do not report a volunteer leader, they will not receive important email communication from the Texas Exes Chapters and Networks staff throughout the year, and we will not recognize them as a leader since they won't complete our Volunteer Code of Conduct/Conflict of Interest forms. Examples of that communication are the monthly Chapter and Network Leadership Newsletter, invitations to Texas Exes events such as our Annual Leadership Conference (CNLC), etc.

  • Page 4: Financial Status Form If your chapter or network took in funds for the previous leadership year (July 2023 - June 2024), the incoming President will enter your financial report on behalf of the Treasurer. This requires the President and Treasurer to communicate prior to submitting the form. 

    • The form lists income sources and expense categories from the previous year; the local balance held indicates operations funding for the group and scholarship awards to be made in the upcoming academic year. All chapters/networks that take in funds, chartered or non-chartered, are required to submit a financial report.  

    • You can skip this page if you are a non-chartered chapter or network or did not take any funds in the last year. 

  • Page 5: Volunteer Code of Conduct (VCC) – 

    • Read through the page and agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct. 

  • Page 6: Conflict of Interest Policy (COI) and Nondisclosure Agreement – 

    • Read through the policy, report any conflicts of interest, and agree to the terms before continuing to the next page. 

  • Page 7: Confirmation Page 

    • You will review all six pages you submitted. 

    • SCROLL to the BOTTOM of the page, sign electronically, and click the button to submit your signed response. If you do not sign electronically, the form will not be submitted

  • Lastly, you will receive a verification of submission email from Texas Exes Staff. Click the link in the email to verify your renewal submission!

Step 2: Upon completion and email verification, if the President/Key Contact entered information for additional officers, those officers will be sent an email from Texas Exes Staff to fill out their personal Conflict of Interest Form and Volunteer Code of Conduct via email. The renewal process is not complete for your chapter or network until all of your officers have completed their online forms.

*Presidents should actively communicate with their leadership team throughout this process. Once Presidents/Key Contacts have submitted the initial annual renewal form, let your officers know that they will receive an email (via the email address you put down for them) from Texas Exes prompting them to complete their VCC & COI forms.*

Step 3: Chartered Chapter and Network Bylaws - Once the Texas Exes Association has approved your bylaw drafts, please submit your signed bylaws before July 1, 2024. If you do not have current bylaws on file with Texas Exes, signed by 10 current Texas Exes members, please resubmit your bylaws via email to Chapters and Networks Department staff. This remains on file and is resubmitted only when amendments have been made. This applies to chartered chapters and networks. Download a copy of the NEW and current Texas Exes Chapter Bylaw Template and Texas Exes Network Bylaw Template

To renew as a chapter or network with the Texas Exes, the following form must be completed online by June 1 each year. This form can only be completed by the President/Key Contact. 

Please contact Chapters and Networks Manager, Catherine Flores (catherine.flores@texasexes.org) with any questions. We look forward to working with you this upcoming year! 


Renewal FAQs:

Who should submit the renewal form? 

Only the July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025 chartered Chapter/Network President or non-chartered Chapter/Network Key Contact should complete the form mentioned throughout this page.  

Who should submit the Financial Report?

Presidents are expected to submit the financial report, not the treasurer. Presidents should have their financial information ready to submit when completing the renewal form.

This was a new step we launched in the 2021-2022 year, so please coordinate with your leadership team prior to submitting the renewal form. Prior to 2021, Treasurers were able to submit the form online, but that created duplicate and incomplete renewals/charters in our system, so we had to move to allow only one leader to submit on behalf of the full chapter/network.

Why must I use "President" instead of "Chair" as a chartered chapter/network on the form? 

With the upcoming launch of our updated Texas Exes Chapter and Network Bylaws, we are implementing a standard naming convention for improved administrative reports. 

What is the difference between an annual renewal form and a charter? 

The annual renewal form is completed by all chapters and networks each year. The basic renewal form is the same for all Chapters and Networks, and a charter requires a bylaw submission. The online form is dynamic based on your selections, so non-chartered groups will be prompted to complete a "renewal" and chartered groups will complete a "charter". 

What is the difference between a chartered chapter and a non-chartered chapter?

Chartered and Non-Chartered Chapters/Networks are local affiliates of the Texas Exes. Chartered and Non-Chartered Chapters/Networks differ in that Chartered groups require a more fully developed leadership structure and can award scholarships to local students.

Non-Chartered Chapters can have a more loosely defined structure with only one person needed as the Key Contact and typically they do not award scholarships. All start-up groups will first become Non-Chartered Chapters/Networks and will then have the opportunity to become a Chartered group.

When is the deadline to complete this form? 

This year (2024-2025), all renewal information must be submitted by June 17, 2024 to be an "active" group on July 1, 2024.

Our chapter/network is struggling to fill a full board for the 24-25 chapter & network year; what should I do? 

Contact our Chapters and Networks team to assist you on marketing emails to recruit volunteers. Remember you can send a weekly email newsletter by following the request guide and submitting your content through our online form

When does the new chapter & network year begin? 

Our chapter/network leadership year runs from July 1 - June 30th of the next year. This year, our chapter and network year will run from July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025.

Common Submission Errors:

  • Leader names/email addresses submitted incorrectly

    • When a nickname is submitted instead of a legal name/name on the degree, many problems can occur because our system will not link the nickname to an existing account. This leads to errors in membership data, communication preferences, etc. 

    • Impact - After the submission, leaders will receive incorrect emails prompting them to take action on items such as membership renewal, finalizing their conflict of interest, etc. If you submit an incorrect email address, then the leader will never receive their next step emails. There is no way for staff to know if an email is truly incorrect, so we rely on you to submit information accurately. 

    • Solution - The person submitting the annual renewal must verify that 2 or more pieces of contact information (name, email address, mailing address, and other contact information) matches what's currently on file. Alumni can verify their current contact information by logging in to www.texasexes.org and updating their account preferences. 

  • A leader who is not a key contact or president submits the form 

    • When a leader who is not the key contact or president submits the form, the logic and flow of the form breaks. 

    • Impact - This means the chapter/network will need to resubmit and causes duplicate and erroneous submissions. There is no way to piece together information from one submission to another without a larger lift from the Texas Exes staff. The review and approval of the renewal application will be delayed when submitted incorrectly. 

    • Solution - Read through the instructions carefully before starting the process and only have the president/key contact submit the form. 

  • Treasurer reports are not included on the initial submission

    • Impact - The Chapter/Network has an incomplete submission and delays your participation as an active group. 

    • Solution - The president/key contact meets with the treasurer prior to submitting the renewal to obtain the information.