How do I send out an email from the Texas Exes database?

The Texas Exes staff will send out the emails for you. The Texas Exes database will always have the most up to date email information, which is why we encourage chapters and networks to use this tool. Submit your email request online. The email will be put together in the Texas Exes format and a proof will be sent to you for editing. Once the email has been approved, it will be sent to the entire database for that area-both members and nonmembers. Please allow 2-3 business days for your email request. For more information on the email request process, read through the email process in the current leadership handbook.

How do I set up a free chapter/network website hosted by the Texas Exes?

New chapters and networks are automatically built a page on If your group has an external site and you'd like to move your website to, contact the Chapters and Networks Department staff. The chapter/network will be responsible for adding the content to the site and all reported chapter/network leaders are given access to edit the group's page. 

Are chapter/network donations and event entry-fees tax deductible?

Donations to the chapter/network scholarship fund are tax deductible. Checks to the chapter/network scholarship fund need to be made to Texas Exes with the chapter/network name in the memo line to be considered a charitable gift. Event-entry fees are tax-deductible for the amount over the fair market value of the ticket price. The "fair market value" is the cost of the goods and services received at the event- e.g. if a meal at the event’s restaurant would normally cost $25, that’s the ticket’s fair market value.

What are the annual deadlines for charter establishments and renewal documents?

The deadline for charter establishment and renewal is on June 1 of every year. The documents needed for charter establishment and renewal are the signed charter agreement, officer report, financial statement and chapter/network by-laws. The renewal process can be found online, here. The bylaws only need to be resubmitted when amendments have been made. When establishing a new chapter/network, the bylaws must be signed by 10 current Texas Exes members. The bylaws remain on file with the Association. Non-chartered chapters/networks also need to sign and return their non-chartered chapter/network agreement by June 1.

Can non-chartered chapters/networks raise money for scholarships?

Non-chartered chapters/networks can raise money for scholarships although we prefer they focus on other areas of involvement. The time and resources needed to raise money for scholarships, may tax the volunteers in a non-chartered group, and we would prefer they use those resources to focus on increasing involvement in their area. Raising scholarship funds is just one way to engage alumni in your area and for those groups with limited resources, we prefer they focus their effort on alumni engagement outside of fundraising. Just bringing alumni together supports UT and the Texas Exes!

What is the difference between a chartered and a non-chartered chapter/network?

Chapters and Non-Chartered Chapters are local affiliates of the Texas Exes. Chapters and Non-Chartered Chapters differ in that Chapters require a more fully developed leadership structure and can award scholarships to local students.

Non-Chartered Chapters can have a more loosely defined structure with only one person needed as the Key Contact and typically they do not award scholarships. All start-up groups will first become Non-Chartered Chapters and will then have the opportunity to become a Chartered Chapter.

What is the Chapter Advisory Board & Network Advisory Board and how can they help me?

The Chapter Advisory Board and Network Advisory Board are made up of current and former chapter and network leaders and advisors that maintain an active role with the Texas Exes. Chapter Advisory Board members and Network Advisory Board members are resources available, in addition to the Texas Exes staff, to answer your questions and share their knowledge so that chapter and network leaders can benefit from our shared community of experience.

What are some examples of successful fundraisers that other chapters/networks have organized?

The best fundraisers are those events that are tailored to the needs and unique qualities of your alumni. Alumni in different cities and communities have their own personality and chapters should take this into account when planning fundraisers. Below are a few examples:

  • The Dallas Chapter hosts a golf tournament in Dallas the Friday before the Texas-OU game. This takes advantage of the unique position the Dallas Chapter is in thanks to the annual game. The chapter solicits sponsors for the event, in addition to the registration fee.
  • The San Antonio Chapter hosts their annual Tailgate Party to kickoff the football season. There is a silent and live auction to raise funds, as well as the registration fee and table sales. The chapter brings in football experts to get the crowd excited about the upcoming season and ends the party with a live concert. The chapter capitalizes on the excitement surrounding the start of football season.
  • Brownsville has a fun celebrity waiter dinner that they do with the Texas A&M Club every year before the UT-Texas A&M game. The waiters are local celebrities that are either Aggies or Longhorns. Whichever "team" raises the most "tips" (donations) wins.

These are just a few examples that have been submitted to the Association. Please continue to share your success stories with us so that we may share them with other chapters.

What types of events should our chapter consider hosting?

You know your community best and what events will appeal most to your alumni. We recommend a diverse calendar of events. If your chapter focuses heavily on football game watches in the fall, try to host a cultural event in the spring. Remember not everyone is interested in football. While it’s impossible to please everyone all the time, a diverse calendar will appeal to more people in your area than just game watches and happy hours. A few really well done events throughout the year are better than frequent yet poorly planned events. Work within the structure of your chapter and take advantage of what your community has to offer. Each chapter is unique and we encourage you to embrace that uniqueness.

What is the Leadership Conference in Austin all about?

The primary focus of the Leadership Conference is to bring chapter and non-chartered chapter leaders together from across the country so they can interact and share ideas, as well as get an update on the Association. It’s also a great time for the Association to hear from the volunteers in the trenches. The Leadership Conference is designed to benefit both the chapter/non-chartered chapter leaders and the Association, so that hopefully the entire chapter/non-chartered chapter structure will be strengthened.

Where can I get a chapter/network banner?

The Association can order a chapter/non-chartered chapter banner at the chapter's/network's expense. The standard banner is 2x4 and roughly $50 plus shipping. Email the banner request to a Chapters and Networks Department staff member and they will order the banner for you. All banners will include the chapter’s/non-chartered chapter's logo. If you want to have a sponsor logo included, email that logo as well.

Where can I get nametags?

Email your request to a Chapters and Networks Department staff member or call 800-594-3937 to order nametags. Include the address where you want them shipped.

Where can I get membership brochures?

Email your request to a Chapters and Networks Department staff member or call 800-594-3937 to get brochures. Include the address where you want them shipped.

How do we send out a mailing to our local members? How many mailings can we do per year?

Send the content of the mailing to a Chapters and Networks Department staff member. Include if you want the mailing to go to members only or members and nonmembers. A proof will then be sent to you for your approval before it is sent to be printed. Once the approval is given, the proof will be sent to the printing house and will mail out first class. It takes 3-7 business days for the mailing to hit the mail from the time it is sent to the printer. Please allow an additional 3 business days for the designing and proofing of your invitation.

Invitations need to hit local mailboxes at a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event. If the invitation is not requested in enough time for this to happen then Texas Exes reserves the right to deny the invitation request.

Each chapter has a mailing benefit to members and nonmembers based on their star category. Additional mailings can be ordered but the chapter will incur the costs associated with any additional mailings.

Can we get any autographed sports memorabilia to auction for a fundraiser?

All autographed sports memorabilia must now be purchased through Longhorns, Ltd-the official team store or through the University Co-op. There is no discount extended to the Texas Exes chapters.