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How to Start a New Chapter or Network

Have you looked to find a chapter in your area? Check here to see if there is already an established chapter where you live or affinity network. 

What is the difference between Chapters and Networks?
Chapters, both chartered and non-chartered, are local affiliates of the Texas Exes and are geographic-bound. Networks are affiliates of the Texas Exes; an affinity network is a group of people who share interests, issues, and a common bond or background, and offer support for each other.

Onboarding Notes:

We onboard new chapters and networks in the Spring. If you are interested in establishing a chapter in your area or begin the process of starting a network, you will need to attend one online information session with the Chapter and Network Department staff.

The next information sessions will be held in Spring 2024. Please be sure to complete the online interest form so that you can receive further information regarding the online information session.

If you are looking to establish a chapter or network and it is outside the window of onboarding, you will be able to move forward with this process the following spring. 

Once you have attended the information session, if you would like to continue the onboarding process of establishing a new chapter or network, you will be to do so with the support of the Chapter and Network Coordinators. 

The onboarding process takes about three months and will be done in cohorts. All groups will begin on the non-chartered level when they are established. You will be required to have at least one key contact. While onboarding, we will help in securing the zip codes for your chapter and ensuring there is not already one in the area, as well as connect you with others nearby who may also be interested in establishing a new chapter. For affinity networks, we will work with you to ensure we have a strong dataset for your desired alumni group before moving forward.

We will also help in building out your chapter/network site through the Texas Exes website and creating your chapter/network logo. All Texas Exes Chapters and Networks receive a registered trademarked logo, website, Office 365 account, Premium Eventbrite account, and other resources! 

Note: Our Texas Exes Chapter and Network Charter Year runs from July 1-June 30th of the next year. The Texas Exes Chapters and Networks department hosts new leader training sessions in June/July of each year and an in-person leadership conference the first home-football game weekend.