About Project Worldwide 

Project Worldwide is an annual initiative that takes place in the month of February in conjunction with The Project, where students and staff participate in the The University of Texas at Austin’s largest day of service. The Texas Exes and the Division of Campus and Community Engagement partner together to create a global service initiative, Project Worldwide. By teaming up for Project Worldwide, the DDCE and the Texas Exes have extended community service throughout the month of February and around the globe through our alumni chapters and networks. 

Why participate in Project Worldwide?

  • Engage new alumni that may not have previously been involved with the Chapter/Network
    • Chapters/Networks who participate in community service events note that alumni not previously involved with the group are participating in these types of community service activities.
  • Great PR for the Chapter/Network
  • Highlights UT and Texas Exes all over the country and world
  • Reminds your local community of the great things your members are doing


Project Worldwide Event Guide/Handbook 2024

This handbook is designed to guide you through planning a successful service activity.  If you already have a service activity in place, or you conduct projects throughout the year, you could simply schedule one of them to occur in the month of February and register the event with the Texas Exes. 

Project Worldwide Waiver

All chapters & networks are required to have their participants fill out the linked liability waiver form for Project Worldwide service activities. This must be completed in addition to any waiver your service organization requires. For example, many food banks and animal shelters require participants to sign a waiver prior to volunteering with their organization. PWW participants would complete the waiver for the chapter/network and the waiver for the food bank/animal shelter. Chapters and Networks should hold on to these waivers in the case of a formal complaint after the PWW activity. 

Chapter/Network Category Status as of December 2023

This document should be used to verify your chapter/network's category status. 

For questions, contact the Chapters and Networks Department staff.