Started in 2011, the Texas 10 is an annual list of inspiring professors, nominated by alumni and selected by the Alcalde magazine. These are professors that their former students, upon reflection and with the benefit of hindsight, consider to have made a lasting impact on their lives.

The Story Behind the Texas 10.


John Rumrich English
Laurie Scott Music and Human Learning
Ofodike Ezekoye Mechanical Engineering
William Wolesensky Mathematics
Haydee Rodriguez Curriculum and Instruction.                   
Tatjana Lichtenstein History
Curran Nault Radio-Television-Film
David Prindle Government
Martin “Randy” Cox Communication                                               
Michela Marinelli  Neuroscience 


Marina Alexandrova Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Hina Azam Islamic Studies
Adrianne Rosales Chemical Engineering
Toyin Falola History
Jan Todd Women's and Gender Studies.                   
Lucas Powe Government, Law
David Hoffman Molecular Biosciences
Linda Henderson Art History
H.W. Perry Jr. Government, Law                                               
Michele Deitch  Law 


Lisa B. Thompson African and African Diaspora Studies
Bonnie Elliott Curriculum and Instruction
Carlos Torres-Verdin Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Fatima Fakhreddine Chemistry
Courtney Byrd Communication Sciences and Disorders
Thomas Garza Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Patricia Carter Nursing
Bartholomew Sparrow Government
Heidi Toprac Finance
Donna Johnston-Blair Accounting


Kate Biberdorf Chemistry
Antonella Del Fattore-Olson Italian Studies
Charles Carson Musicology
Shirley Thompson African and African Diaspora Studies
John Murphy Advertising
Juliet E.K. Walker History
Masa Prodanovic Engineering
William Inboden Public Affairs
Jessica Toste Education
Clint Tuttle Information, Risk, and Operations Management


Eric Tang African and African Diaspora Studies
Jacqueline Woolley Psychology
Jerome Bump English
Ben Carrington Sociology
Laura Lashinger Nutritional Sciences
H.W. Brands History
Mukul Sharma Engineering
Tracy Dahlby Journalism
Diane Ginsburg Pharmacy
Katie Tackett Special Education


George Forgie History
Leonard Moore History
Ockhee Bego Textiles and Apparel
Inderjit Dhillon Computer Science
Katie Gray Business
Lori Holleran Steiker Social Work
Lawrence Speck Architecture
Mary Rose Sociology
Christopher Roldan RTF
David Small Music


Mia Carter English
David Laude Chemistry
James Vick Mathematics
Barbara Jones Social Work
Sean Theriault Government
Herbert A. Miller Jr. Business
Joan Lazarus Theater and Dance
Joan Shiring Education
Don Graham English
Ricardo Romo History


John McKetta Engineering
Penne Restad History
Frank Bash Astronomy
Miguel Ferguson Social Work
Chris Kirk Anthropology
Ruth Buskirk Biology
Reuben McDaniel Business
Lisa Koonce Accounting
Richard Cherwitz Communications
Cristina Cabello de Martinez Spanish and Portuguese


Lino Graglia Law
Jennifer Wilks English
Tim Loving Human Development
Charles Ramirez-Berg RTF
Bruce Buchanan Government
John Pearce Engineering
Brent Iverson Chemistry
Nancy Daley Human Sexuality
Shannon Patton Nursing
John Daly Communications