The email address convention is [first name] dot [last name] at texasexes [dot] org.


Jane Marie Agnew
​Chapters and Networks Manager

Brigid Anderson
Sr. VP of Administration & Compliance

Miranda Barlow
Payroll & HR Coordinator

Carol Barrett
Director of Special Projects

Daniel Becka

Daniel Becka
Vice President of Constituent Relations

Trish Birdwell
Staff Accountant

Steve Blackburn
Director of IT

Kim Borron
Director of Human Resources

Amber Byfield
Director of Creative Services


Jeff Cardwell
Web Developer

Summer Chandler
Marketing Manager

Laura Coffey
Membership Coordinator


Alan Cundy
Communications Administrator

Justin Dove
Salesforce Developer

Courtney Eads
Events Manager

Catherine Flores

Catherine Flores
Chapter Events Coordinator

Raymond Gallardo
IT Administrator


Janice Garcia
Travel Coordinator

Roxanne Garza
Events Coordinator

Corey Gray
Video Producer

Dorothy Guerrero
Vice President of Communications

Kim Gundersen
Associate Executive Director

Michelle Guzman 
Student Engagement Manager


Chuck Harris

Chuck Harris
Executive Director

Melissa Hutcherson
CRM Systems Analyst

Whitney Johnson
FASP Coordinator



Aaron Kendall
Chief Financial Officer

Danielle Lopez
Assistant Editor, Alcalde Magazine

Haley Martensen
Marketing Coordinator

Stephen McCrorie
Facilities Manager


Melissa McGrath
Director of Governance & Facilities


Ditiana Mies
Constituent Relations Coordinator


Shelley Norton
Director of Travel


Kathy Nugent-Arnold
Salesforce Administrator

Chris O’Connell
Senior Editor, Alcalde Magazine


Ann Clary Old
Constituent Relations Manager

Rachel Osterloh
Advocacy Coordinator


Kristy Parks
Director of Scholarships 


Manny Peña
Accounting Administrator 


Matt Pollock
Membership & Alumni Records Manager 


Jamie Puryear
Director of Marketing

Courtney Roehling
Vice President of Engagement


Brittany Rumble 
Scholarship Coordinator

Stephanie Sandoval
Scholarship Coordinator

Patricia Shampton
Director of Alumni Relations


Brandy Shaw
Accounting Administrator

Sofia Sokolove
Director of Content


Chad Tomlinson
Senior Designer


Shelby Vigil
Chapters and Networks Coordinator

Traci Woodard


Matt Wright-Steel

Eileen Wu

Eileen Wu
Junior Designer


Megan Yeager
Chapter Events Coordinator