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  • Early Bird ticket prices are available until April 8th
    • General Admission for Members $50
    • General Admission for Non-Members $55
    • Do you want to volunteer at the event for a discounted ticket? Email to sign up and receive your discount code. Volunteer tickets are $40 for a 2 hour shift and $30 if you sign up for a Door/Entrance shift!
    • VIP - Legacy for $100- New this year! This ticket is for members who want to enjoy Chili Cook-off, but perhaps not the young crowds. Your VIP ticket will get you access to a seated section, a runner to bring you chili and drinks for the first half, and the opportunity to judge the amateur teams for the new Legacy Award! Enjoy Chili Cook-off without all the ruckus! $70 of this ticket is tax deductible.
    • Amateur Team (5 tickets) for $75 (Please note that when you purchase a Team Ticket Package, the entire package of 5 tickets must be purchased at the same time.  Orders for less than 5 tickets will be cancelled.) Email if you have questions and visit our chili team page!
    • We welcome children to the Chili Cook-off. Every child attending the event needs a ticket. Children 21 and under must be accompanied by a legal guardian.  For children under 12, a free ticket is required to meet capacity and planning requirements. 
  • From April 9th to May 5th
    • General Admission for Members $60
    • General Admission for Non-Members $65
  • From May 6th to May 18th
    • General Admission for Members $70
    • General Admission for Non-Members $75
    • VIP - Legacy for $125
  • Tickets are available via Eventbrite.  When you purchase, you will have two options... Print at Home or Mobile Ticket. Just like any concert or sporting event you have been to, you will be required to show and scan your ticket for entrance to the event. 
  • If you have already purchased tickets, and you have questions, please reach out to the following:
    • For questions on your tickets including transferring tickets to a different name, please contact Eventbrite
    • For questions on the event or venue, please contact

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