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  • General Admission ticket prices are available until May 2
    • $60 Regular Admission
    • Do you want to volunteer at the event for a discounted ticket? Email to sign up and receive your discount code. Volunteer tickets are $35 to set up and $25 for during the event!
    • VIP - Legacy for $125! This ticket is for members who want to enjoy Chili Cook-off, but perhaps not the young crowds. Your VIP ticket will get you access to a seated section, a runner to bring you chili and drinks for the first half, and the opportunity to judge the amateur teams for the new Legacy Award! Enjoy Chili Cook-off without all the ruckus!
    • Amateur Team (5 tickets) for $75 (Please note that when you purchase a Team Ticket Package, the entire package of 5 tickets must be purchased at the same time.  Orders for less than 5 tickets will be cancelled.) Email if you have questions and visit our chili team page!
    • We welcome children to the Chili Cook-off. Every child attending the event needs a ticket. Children 20 and under must be accompanied by a legal guardian.  Ages 10 to 20 are $15. Children under 10 are free.
  • If you have already purchased tickets, and you have questions, please reach out to the following:
    • For questions on your tickets including transferring tickets to a different name, please contact Eventbrite
    • For questions on the event or venue, please contact

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