Join us for social, networking and community events in the New York Area! We strive to provide a variety of activities to meet the needs of over 8,000 New York Area Longhorns.

The Texas Exes New York Chapter is affiliated with the Texas Exes, our parent organization. Chapter membership is automatic if you are a member of the Texas Exes. Visit Texas Exes to join or renew your membership.

Membership benefits include: lifetime forwarding email address; game days at the Alumni Center; ALCALDE subscription; career services; travel services; continuing education discounts; great discounts on car rentals, home/auto insurance, magazine subscriptions, hotel reservations and more!

Monthly Chapter Meetings

Our board meets once a month, typically the first Wednesday of every month, and it's a great opportunity for members to voice their thoughts on our chapter, pass on ideas for events, and get involved in chapter planning. If you'd like to join the board, please email