Ernie & Red’s Miracle Chili






Grads of the Ernest Cockrell School of Engineering and the Red McCombs School of Business team up to bring you a miracle take of Texas Chili

Chili con Blarney






An eclectic group of friends new and old, Chili con Blarney embodies the feeling that our friends are our family. Also, we love chili and Texas.

Texas Chillin'






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Karachi Chili

Karachi is the largest and southern most city of Pakistan. Pakistan and Texas both have very similar climates and cultures. Umair immigrated from Karachi to DFW and found a thriving Pakistani community. In both cultures, beef is big as are chilies. Mesquite, a useful native in Texas is an ecological weed in Pakistan. Russian olives from Pakistan are ecological weeds in Texas. Both are eaten in their native countries. We wonder, as these communities grow what can they learn from each other? What could a Pak-Tex cuisine look like? For example, Texmati rice was developed in collaboration between Texas and Pakistan and is still grown near Katy. Our team will attempt to create a Pak-Tex chili as an homage to immigration and the culinary mixing that comes as a result.

The Chilidawgs









The ChiliDawgs are a team with deep Texas roots. Including three UT graduates, Alexis (UT '89, UT Law '92), Gary (UT '90, UT Law '92), and Leah (UT '19), they are excited to bring the flavors of Austin to NYC. Their team is completed by Ava (NYU '21), Ben, a sophomore at The University of Richmond, and the dawgs, Polo and Butter. They are looking forward to sharing their not-vegan chili and vegan queso. This is the ChiliDawgs' second Chili Cookoff. They first entered in 2015.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers







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Catch A Tiger By the Tail Chli-Trinity 

New York Regional Trinity University Alumni Club