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What you need to know for the competition:

  • The only requirement to be a chili team is to make at least 5 gallons of chili!
  • Judging will begin promptly at 12:30 pm. Doors open at 1 pm to the public and you must be ready to serve.
  • Don't forget your "flair" to compete for the Team Presentation Award!
    • Ideas include:
    • Team uniforms / costumes
    • Decorated signage for your table
    • Giveaway items 
  • You will be judged on the following by an esteemed panel of experts:
    • Color / presentation
    • Heat
    • Texture
    • Flavor / taste
  • Condiments and garnishes are encouraged. 
  • Team prizes include:
    • Trophies
    • Lots of commemorative items
    • Major bragging rights!
  • To bean or not to bean... We'll leave that one up to you. 

If you have any questions about chili teams, please email