GOOOAAAAAL - "If I weren't a longhorn... there's nothing I'd rather be."

The board has been working on long-term goals for Student Scholarships. We recognize there is an immediate need to send students to camp but we have now entered into a long term goal of endowing scholarships for Camp Texas.  Creating an endowment has pros and cons - the best of which is having a fund that will stand the test of time for Camp Texas. If forever reason TECTAN disbands, the funds in the endowment would keep growing and keep providing scholarships for Camp Texas.

Scholarship Outlook

Year on year out, funds will be set aside to send 6 students to Camp Texas - one for each session. The rest of funds raised will go towards an endowment. To endow a scholarship with the Texas Exes a Network must reach a goal of $15,000 in four years. As the endowment grows, a certain percentage is set aside to award scholarships. With the current standards, it only takes $6,500 to send one student to Camp Texas FOREVER. Your donation will have a lasting impact on a deserving student's life for years to come! 

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