The HEMAN SWEATT Sponsorship recognizes one of UT’s first Black students.  Mr. Sweatt challenged the separate but equal doctrine in Sweatt v. Painter and gained entry to UT’s law school in June 1950 following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that laid the foundation for Brown v. Board in 1954.




  The PRECURSOR Sponsorship recognizes the more than 70 Black high school students who were admitted to UT as undergraduates for the first time in 1956; 75 years after UT was established.




  The LONGHORN Sponsorship is an affordable sponsorship level for individuals or corporations who appreciate the relationship between higher learning and workplace diversity and conclude that greater accessibility to UT for Black student's is an integral part of that continuum. 




  The LEGACY Sponsorship recognizes individual alumni or small alumni groups who understand the financial hardship that higher education imposes and are inclined to contribute additional resources towards making UT accessible to an even greater number of Black students.




  The BEVO Sponsorship a general donation of any amount for those individuals or organizations who want to support making UT more accessible to Black students.  The Bevo Sponsorship will be distributed equally among the all of the Black Alumni Network's five endowed scholarships.