Our Mission: Educate and Engage

The UT Advocates are alumni who stay well-informed on higher education issues and stand up to ensure our alma mater is strongly represented at our state and nation's capitols. Our advocacy efforts focus on preparing our alumni—from educators, business analysts, social workers, and recent grads—for communicating with decision-makers on issues that directly affect students and professors on the Forty Acres. When UT is well-represented with our lawmakers, all Texans benefit from our research and educated workforce. 

What You Can Do

  1. Sign up to be a UT Advocate today: Stay updated with our weekly updates from the Texas Exes advocacy team and follow us on Twitter.
  2. Spread the world with our talking points below on UT fast facts.
  3. Register to vote. Voting burnt orange is the greatest way to influence the political process.
  4. Become familiar with your elected officials. Who represents you?
  5. Participate in advocacy activities through your local chapter. If you don’t currently have an advocacy chair, ask your chapter president about creating one.


  1. UT Austin strengthens the Texas economy through an estimated $8.8 billion in spending each year, the equivalent of 132,695 new jobs. Investing in UT Austin is an investment in a healthy Texan economy.
  2. Research at UT Austin not only saves and enhances lives but allows students to gain research education that provides them with real-world experience to succeed. The university’s research shapes how we view medical research and technology.
  3. UT Austin remains the third most affordable top Texas public institution, highlighting the university’s commitment to providing a quality education for ALL Texas students—from Dallas to Texarkana. UT students are educators, lawyers, business owners, music directors, and coaches in their communities.
  4. UT Austin provides a distinctive and quality student experience—from internships, world-recognized faculty, and student abroad opportunities—for every Longhorn on the Forty Acres. Longhorn graduates are extremely competitive, ensuring a well-educated workforce for the economic benefit of all Texans.
  5. UT Austin alumni are thriving—with a greater sense of well-being, purpose, and appreciation for their alma mater than other comparative public universities. The student experience at UT Austin results in a purpose-driven life and a lifelong love for Texas.