Think your queso can compete with the big dogs? Pros and amateurs will be judged as one in our second Queso-off! Here are a few facts to keep in mind, if you want to enter the queso contest:

  • If you have a chili team ticket, then you don’t need a queso ticket, just email and register. If you’re just providing queso, you need to purchase the discounted queso ticket. One queso ticket per entry (this is not purchased as a team).

  • You need to prepare a minimum of 8-10 quarts of queso.

  • Queso needs to arrive at noon warm and ready to serve. Queso will be put into serving trays immediately and will be kept warm by water bath and sterno.

  • You will be judged by the attendees of the event for a People’s Choice winner.

  • Winners get a trophy, other coveted commemorative items, and major bragging rights!

  • Signage can be posted around the queso, but the queso itself will be numbered and judged blind. Amateurs have a chance to take down the pros!

  • You supply the cheese and other queso ingredients, we'll provide everything else (chips, bowls, serving trays, etc.) If you’d like to inquire about purchasing your bulk cheese through our contact, please email to set it up.

  • Once you’re registered, we will start promoting your team in our marketing materials and on social. Make sure to send us your Queso/ Restaurant name and your logo if you have one!

We are only accepting 10 queso teams, so register today!

Email us if you have any questions!

Participating Queso teams:

King David Tacos Logo
Javelina Logo
Jalapa Jar Logo
Stout NYC Logo
Swell Dive Logo
El Rio Grande Logo
Hill Country Logo
Salsa Pistolero
Avenida Logo