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If you are interested in helping us plan and run these events, please contact us at txexesla@gmail.com.


2018-2019 Board Members

Bradley Schneider

Bradley Schneider (President )
BA Theatre & Dance 2004, Business Foundations Minor
Life Member of the Texas Exes
Lead Retail Technician at NCR


Daphne Martin

Daphne Martin (Treasurer)
BA in Government 1985
Life Member of the Texas Exes
Financial Advisor and Branch Manager

Raymond Perez

Raymond Perez (Scholarship Chair)
BBA in Marketing, BS in Radio-Television-Film, Senior Honors Fellow 2014
MFA in Screenwriting at the American Film Institute


Warnessa Hightower (Secretary / Membership Chair) 
BS in Communications 2008
Life Member of the Texas Exes

Vanessa Meier (Past President / Committee Chair)



Board Members at Large

Jeremy Hopper

Jeremy Hopper (Board Member)
BS in Radio-TV-Film 2007, Business Foundations Minor

Nicholas Wuthrich (Board Member)

Jeremy Ross (Board Member) 
BS in Exercise Science 2013
Master's in Exercise Science 2015
Exercise Physiologist

Joe Carrabba (Board Member)






Karen Kirk (Board Member)





David Sprague (Board Member)