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Ring Celebration

Ring Celebration is Nov. 15!

Join over 49,000 Longhorns in this time-honored UT tradition!

Rings will spend the night in the UT Tower, which will be lit in our recipients' honor.

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A Symbol of History & Tradition

The University of Texas ring was designed in 1996 by a committee of UT students. The UT Ring, rich in symbolism, is a lifelong emblem of burnt-orange pride. It symbolizes academic achievement at the university and is reserved exclusively for graduates and students who have completed at least 75 credit hours.


On one side of the ring is a recognizable symbol: The University of Texas Tower. The Tower, which is made from Indiana limestone and rises 307 feet, was completed in 1936. It has become the defining landmark on the Forty Acres, ever present for decades of campus life.


The top of the ring boasts a handsome version The University of Texas seal. The Latin motto, “Disciplina Praesidium Civitatis,” is a quote from former Republic of Texas President Mirabeau Lamar: “Education is the safeguard of democracy.”


Scrolled around the outside of the longhorn is the phrase, “The eyes of Texas are upon upon you.” The song titled “The Eyes of Texas” made its debut in 1903. UT student John Lang Sinclair first scrawled the words on a scrap of brown laundry paper that is now on display in the Alumni Center.


The longhorn is the mascot of the university. Associated with Texas and the West, the longhorn is a symbol of strength and determination. Bevo, the first live longhorn mascot, made his first appearance in 1916.


Above the longhorn is the Texas Exes symbol. It was first used in 1967 to “brand” ex-students of the university returning to campus for an annual reunion known as Round-Up. On the ring, it signifies that the wearer is linked to generations of University of Texas graduates.

How to Wear Your Ring

While a student, the ring is properly worn with the Tower facing in, signifying it is close to your heart. Upon graduation, the ring should be worn with the Texas Exes symbol facing in.

Drew Nitsche

She fought back tears as she watched her son wear her father’s ring for the first time. “UT is such a big school, but it’s such a close community,” she says. “I saw the definition of school spirit [that night].”

Drew Nitsche, Fall 2011

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“It has been a lot of sacrifice,” Sara explains. “It’s a tangible symbol. It symbolizes the completion of a journey.”

Sarah González

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Phil and Luke West

Phil and Luke West, twins studying at UT to become engineers, got together to buy their father, David, BS ’84, the ring he’d earned but never been given. They wanted it awarded to him formally, during the Tuesday evening ceremony in which they would also receive their rings. 

Phil and Luke West

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Clay Hodges receiving class ring

“I always dreamed of coming to UT,” Clay says. “This is the only school I applied to. These rings show a sense of accomplishment, they mean a lot, and I’m proud to wear mine.”

Clay Hodges

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many completed credit hours do I need to order my ring?

All undergraduates must have 75 completed hours toward their degree to be eligible to purchase a class ring. All graduate students must have 16 completed hours toward their degree to be eligible to purchase a class ring. All hours currently in progress will not be counted toward the total hour count. 

Do all my credits hours have to be UT credit hours?

All hours that count toward your degree—whether earned at UT or transferred in—will count toward the 75 completed hours needed to order your ring.

How long does it take to order a ring during Ring Week?

On average, it can take about 15 to 30 minutes from start to finish to order your ring on-site during Ring Week. You are more than welcome to come one day and return later in the week to make your final purchase, or purchase from home

Can I still order my ring if I can’t make it to Ring Week?

Yes, you do not have to be present at the event to order your ring. All rings can be ordered online here!

Are there payment plan options available?

Yes, Balfour offers a three-month payment plan option for ring purchases. Please speak with a Balfour representative when ordering your ring to get set up with a payment plan.

I listed my home address with my order. Does that mean my ring won’t be here for the Ring Celebration?

All rings will be shipped to the Texas Exes to be included with the Ring Celebration group. If you have any questions about this please contact ClassRings@texasexes.org.

I am a Texas Exes Four-year Student Life Member. How do I redeem my discount?

To redeem your discount, enter your EID in the promo box when placing your order. If you have any issues, please contact ClassRings@texasexes.org

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