Christine Thomas

Christine was a Camp Texas camper in 2004 and a counselor in ’05, ’06, and ’07!  She is now a proud TECTAN member after graduating from UT in 2008. Now in Tokyo, Japan, Christine has spent time as a teacher and a reading interventionist. She is also a member of the non-profit group, Hike it Baby, which inspires families to get outdoors together and she recently established a chapter in Japan! Christine is a proud Longhorn and a big supporter of Camp Texas! Let’s catch up with Christine further.

Thinking back, what was your first impression of Camp Texas?

I am from a REALLY small town in Texas, so I didn’t know anyone else attending UT. I was really excited to get to CT to meet friends and develop a network of people I could ask for help or hanging out!


What did you take away at CT that led you to where you are today?

As a counselor, I learned how to facilitate good discussion and help draw out those quieter voices without making them feel uncomfortable. This skill has been invaluable to me as a teacher and now as a branch founder of Hike it Baby.


Why is Camp Texas such an important part of students' first introduction to UT?

Camp Texas is a kickoff to learning about your home for the next four years. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s competitive - Camp Texas sets you up to get ready to change the world!’


What is something you are most proud of accomplishing after graduation?

I am most proud of teaching hundreds of underprivileged kids how to read. At KIPP we instill in our students that they can and will go “To and Through College.” I hope some of them will find their way to the 40 Acres and Camp Texas!


Christine Thomas and Family