Forty Acres Scholars News Feed: July 1-12

Posted July 16, 2019


July 1: As an analyst intern at Accenture in Dallas, Jed Vick has kept himself busy this summer! Here's what Jed has been up to: "In the first few weeks, I’ve tackled some major obstacles: gaining the necessary access to websites/tools, learning everything about the process and work my team does, and beginning to add value by creating test cases. For context, I’m part of a system testing team for an enterprise cloud solution project. This means that our team tests the functionality and consistency of new deployments made by the development team." 

July 2: Bumble chose The University of Texas at Austin to launch a brand-new networking community on campus—and tapped Forty Acres Scholars Program alumna Katherine Allen for its inaugural class. Read about it here.

July 3: We had a great time at lunch today with incoming scholars Chris Wang, Sarah Spivey, Maria Gu, and Haley Justiz. We will see you in a few weeks at Freshman Retreat! 

July 9: Shilpa Rajagopal has wrapped up her study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. Over the five weeks, she completed courses toward her management degree as well as a Global Management Certificate. "Studying abroad has truly been one of the most valuable, enriching opportunities in my college career thus far. I have been able to not only learn about international business and global management in a unique cultural setting, but also engage in a meaningful level of personal growth in the process." 

July 10: We had a large group join us this week for our orientation lunch! It was so great to have Arya Saksena, Joshua Martinez, Joseph Dowdall, Meredith Black, and Eliza Caton Pillsbury on campus! 

July 12: Ashley DeutserLucious McDaniel III, and Anne Lagrange are spending five weeks in Hong Kong as part of the university's supply chain management study abroad program. The course begins stateside and tracks Target's supply chain all the way back to China. They're getting a first-hand look at the field visiting factories, stores, and quality control testing facilities while also experiencing history in the making as protests around Hong Kong against an extradition bill are happening. 

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