Vick, Jed
Jed Vick
Stamps Forty Acres Scholarship, supported by Cammy and Del Williams
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2020
Houston, TX
High School
Mirabeau B. Lamar Senior High School

Howdy -- my name is Jed Vick and I'm a fourth-year student at the University of Texas at Austin studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I grew up in South Carolina but spent my high school years in the great city of Houston, Texas.

In my time at the University of Texas, the one constant I’ve encountered is growth. There’s a dizzying selection of activities, clubs, and hobbies you’ll find here, but they all serve this same fundamental purpose. I encourage everyone who considers attending this university to take full advantage of these offerings. If you do so, I know you’ll have an enriching experience, perhaps life-changing.

Upon graduation, I plan to pursue a career in management consulting. I’m chiefly interested in the intersection of data analytics and digital transformation in emerging industries. In my free time, I enjoy running, exploring Austin, and playing billiards with friends. Hook 'em!

Mechanical Engineering

Other Academic Interests
Minor in entrepreneurship; linguistics

Extracurricular Activities
Summer 2019 Intern at Accenture in Dallas, TX; Treasurer - Kappa Sigma; Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advisory Board; Engineering Honors; Internship with Marine Farms Co. in Valparaiso, Chile - Summer 2017; Summer 2018 Internship with Dell in the ESI Department

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
The Forty Acres Scholars Program is composed of the most interesting people I have ever met. I’m routinely impressed at every event by the engaging and insightful conversations I have with other scholars. It is their passion and example that I seek to embody in my own efforts, and I’m thankful to be part of such a fantastic group of individuals. At Finalist Weekend as a high school student, it was the people that stood out most to me, and they continue to impress me to this day.

What do you want prospective students to know about the University of Texas?
The University of Texas is a limitless incubator of opportunity and experience. The student body is huge and diverse, so you will encounter just about every type of person imaginable at this university. Every door here leads to a dozen more, so don’t be afraid to take risks. This place will change you into anything you want, you just have to open the door in front of you.