Use the awesome resources of a top-ranked public research university to make the change you want to see.   


Join a community that will be a lifelong support system. Scholar cohorts are made up of people with diverse backgrounds and interests. Over the years, this group forms a tight bond at retreats and events—leaving the Forty Acres with a shared experience that can never be recreated. 


As the only program of its kind administered by an alumni association, Forty Acres Scholars develop a unique connection with their alma mater. You will have a front-row seat to the history and traditions of the university and learn how critical it is to stay engaged and informed. Additionally, you will meet, mingle, and hear from alumni who are at the top of their game and regularly interact with leading faculty and staff of the university. During and after your time on campus, these Longhorns will serve as a powerful network and resource.  


This will be a transformational adventure that helps you reach your full potential. Alongside academic achievement, the program focuses on personal development, relationship building, and gaining perspective. Our generous enrichment stipend helps you travel the world, volunteer for organizations you believe in, and work alongside professionals in your field.