Michael Smith
AIM Foundation Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2022
Spring, TX
High School
Klein Oak High School

My name is Michael Smith and I am incredibly blessed. Much like many other people, I was raised in a comfortable environment and was able to pursue different interests and become successful in specific areas. Knowing this, I felt drawn to the need to give back to communities and societies because of the many blessings I received in mine that others just simply were not able to have access to. An immense blessing that I never would have expected to be even considered for was to be selected as a Forty Acres Scholar. I may have worked hard and I may have been proud of myself, however I just could not shake the feeling of knowing that there were and are countless, abled, and talented individuals worthy of the status that I have attained. Knowing that I have much to thank God for that, I also know that my debt to my community and society has grown monumentally. Therefore, in order to satisfy this debt, it is greatly convenient to be enrolled in one of the most renowned business schools in the nation, where I know it will be possible to gain a first-class education. With this education and the stimulating enrichment that is thanks only to this premier scholarship program, I am set up to one day bring back blessings and more economic opportunity to communities that foster the upbringing of students with mentalities just like myself, in conditions perhaps not as fortunate as mine.


Business Honors

Honors Program:

Business Honors Program 

Other Academic Interests:

Finance, Entrepreneurship, Law

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?

I was specifically drawn to the Forty Acres Scholars Program because of the opportunity it brings students. Without the clear fact that it will greatly release worries about expenses related to my education, I now have access to connections such as career networking, thorough enrichment by internships, study opportunities abroad, and many other personable experiences within the bonds formed through my cohort otherwise not possible. Specifically speaking about the program post-Finalist Weekend, I came to see the family likeness embodied by every scholar and staff member affiliated with the program. Traits like these are ones that make the Forty Acres Scholars Program something hard not to love.