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General FAQ

When is the application deadline for entering freshman? 

February 15 at 11:59 p.m. CST. All applications submitted prior to the deadline will be reviewed with equal merit regardless of the date that they are submitted. 

When is the application deadline for continuing, transfer, and graduate students? 

March 1 at 11:59 p.m. CST. All applications submitted prior to the deadline will be reviewed with equal merit regardless of the date that they are submitted. 

Do my parents have to be alumni of UT for me to apply to Texas Exes scholarships? 

No! We accept applications regardless of your connections to UT. All applications are reviewed with equal merit, regardless of an applicant’s connection to UT  

Do I have to complete the ApplyTexas AND the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success application? 

No. You will only need to complete one application for admission to UT. 

Do I have to enter anything in ApplyTexas to apply for Texas Exes scholarships? 

No. Our application is entirely separate from the ApplyTexas application and therefore you do not have to indicate on ApplyTexas that you will be applying for our scholarships. 

How much does your application cost? 

Nothing. Our application is entirely free and available to anyone applying to UT! 

Are your scholarships need-based or merit-based? 

The Forty Acres Scholars Program is a merit-based, full-ride scholarship. Our more than 300 other scholarships range from need-based to merit-based and offer a wide range of supplemental funding from $500-$20,000. 

Will the Texas Exes have access to my admission application? 

No. The Texas Exes will not have access to your admission application and submitted documents. 

Can I use the same essay responses from my admission application? 

Yes! If you feel your responses adequately answer our prompts, you are welcome to use the same responses. 

What is the word count for your essays?  

For the entering freshman scholarship application short answers, there is a 300-word count limit.  

I am a high school senior but have not been admitted to UT yet. Can I still apply? 

Yes! Our application runs concurrently with UT's admission application and therefore most students will not know their admission status prior to applying. You should apply now and not wait to hear from UT, as the deadline may have passed by the time you find out your status. We will verify that a student has been admitted to UT before offering a scholarship. 

How do I apply for my local chapter scholarship or other scholarships listed on the homepage?  

Chapter scholarships are automatically matched based on your high school zip code. All students should be sure to fill out all three sections of our application: General Application, Entering Freshman or Current Undergraduate/Graduate/Transfer Application, and Recommended Opportunities.  

What are the scholarships listed under recommended opportunities? 

These scholarships require extra application materials or confirmation of certain criteria. Scroll through and apply to those for which you qualify.  

I am graduating from UT this year. Am I eligible to receive a Texas Exes scholarship? 

Only students planning to be enrolled full time the following fall semester are eligible to apply for Texas Exes scholarships. 


Technical Questions 

What is a UT EID? How do I find mine? 

When you apply for admission to The University of Texas at Austin through ApplyTexas, you will receive an email with your UT EID 24-48 hours later. Please plan accordingly as you will need the EID to complete the scholarship application. A UT EID typically includes your initials with a series of 2-5 numbers following (i.e. js3456) 

If you forgot your UT EID, you can look it up on the UT EID Help site. You should NOT create a new UT EID as this will create a duplicate record and cause issues with your application. If you enter an EID that does not match what is on file at UT, your application will not be reviewed. 

Can I update my application once it is submitted? 

Yes, you can log in to your application and make updates up until the deadline. Once the deadline passes, you cannot make changes. Please note that Texas Exes staff will not be able to update your application after the deadline, as applications immediately go into review. 

How do I know if my application was correctly submitted? 

After you log in to your application, you will see the word “Submitted” in the General Application and Entering Freshman Application status boxes. If you applied for the Forty Acres Scholars Program, you will see the word “Submitted” in the corner of the status box. Also, for every portion of the application that you successfully submit, you will receive a confirmation of the submission. 

Why does my MyStatus page still show “Apply for Texas Exes scholarships” if I already completed my application?  

Our scholarship application and UT’s MyStatus systems are separate. Therefore, your MyStatus page will continue to display this message even if you have completed our scholarship application. Please see the question above to find out to confirm that your application was successfully submitted. 


Application Troubleshooting 

I am getting an error or invalid authentication when setting up my application account. What should I do? 

If you are in the process of confirming your account, instead of clicking on the link in the email, please copy and paste the URL into your browser. If you are still experiencing difficulties accessing the system, please email  

I am getting an error when logging into my account. What should I do? 

If you have already set up your account and it is no longer allowing you access to the system with your login, please reset your password to regain access to the system. Your reset link will expire after six hours, and you will have to request a new one. If you are still experiencing difficulties accessing the system, please email 

I am locked out of my account. How do I reset it?

After three failed login attempts, the system will lock you out for one hour. You must wait the hour before you can try again or reset your password.



Supplemental Materials 

I am having difficulties uploading my resume. What can I do? 

Be sure your resume does not have any special characters in the filename (ex: Joe’s resume). Also, be sure that your resume is saved in .doc, .docx. or .pdf format. Select the file you would like to upload and click “Save and Keep Editing” before submitting to allow the system to download your file.

I would like to upload a more updated resume, but the system will not let me delete my old one. What should I do? 

You cannot delete a file once it has been uploaded to the system. However, the system will only recognize the most recent file. Simply upload your new resume and it will replace any previously uploaded documents. 

Do you accept supplemental documents? 

No, we will not accept recommendation letters, transcripts or SAT/ACT scores that are sent to our office. Our application is based on self-reported data. 

Do I need to send in recommendation letters? 

No, we do not consider recommendation letters in our selection process. 

Do I need to send in SAT/ACT scores or transcripts? 

No, you do not need to send in your test scores or transcripts. 

Which SAT score should I enter into the application?  

If new SAT: Evidence based reading and writing and mathematics scores only 

If old SAT: Critical reading and mathematics scores only 

Do you prefer SAT or ACT score? 

We will accept either and there is no preference for one over the other.   


Notification Timeline 

When and how will I find out if I receive a scholarship? 

Recipients are chosen by the Texas Exes scholarship selection committees each spring. Only students receiving scholarships will be notified via our scholarship application system. Most students selected to receive a Texas Exes scholarship will be notified throughout the months of April and May. 


International Students 

What should I enter as my phone number if I have an international country code? 

All communications will go to applicant’s preferred email address. Students may insert numbers without country code or 555-555-5555. 

Note: For portions of the application that require state and county, please input “N/A”. 


Still have questions? 


Phone: 512-840-6495