The Forty Acres Society is a special giving club created to offer alumni a way to advance academic excellence at the University of Texas at Austin. With a minimum gift of $1,000 annually, you will become a member of the Forty Acres Society. Your contributions will directly support the enrichment activities of the Forty Acres Scholars Program, including professional development, leadership training, cultural and educational opportunities outside of the classroom, and global experiences.

By giving $1,000 or more, you will join the the esteemed Forty Acres Society or renew your annual membership. 

As a member of the Forty Acres Society, you will:

  • Directly contribute to a student’s scholarship for that academic year

  • Receive exclusive invitations to events throughout the year featuring university faculty and administrators

  • Network with other alumni who share your passion for bringing the best and brightest students to UT
  • Interact with the next generation of leaders, the Forty Acres Scholars
  • Receive exclusive invitations to other UT and Texas Exes events
  • Qualify for a tax deduction

Contact Us

For more information about the Forty Acres Society, please contact Ann Clary Old at or call 512-840-5618.


Forty Acres Society Members

Megan and Alan Adkisson
Michelle and Scott Alden
Amy Allen
Jodi and Adam Altsuler
Susana and Manuel Alverdi
Carolyn and John Anderson
Katherine and David Andrew**
Jen and Michael Appleman
Courtney and Scott Archer
Stephanie and Isaac Arnold
Joan and Doug Aron
Trey Bates
Natalie and Evan Beattie
Courtney and John Beauchamp
Ian Beliveaux
Laura and Kyndel Wayne Bennett
Jordan Bethea
Brooke and Adam Blum
Holly and Jim Bohart
Kara Bolwell
Heather* and Kevin Bonfield
Krista and Andre Bouchard
Brad and Jami Boxwell
Christy and Bart Boxwell
Callie* and Kyle Bradford
Sharon and Daniel Bradley
Frank P. Breazeale III
Mills and Tres Buchek
Michael Burniston
Aly* and Brandon Calvo
Britni M. and J. Michael Carrizales
Mr. Juan J. Castillo, Jr.
Tiffany Chan
Joan and Stephen Clark
Kimberly and David Clark
Eliot Cotton
Eric Crowell
Michael Crouch
Jeanna and Brian Crow
Kevin Cumming
Fleetwood and Christopher Cunningham
Kesh and Taylor Curtis
Keli and Charles Davidson
Doug Dawson
Vicki and Roy Deskin
Julie and Kevin Diamond
Jennifer and Edward Doan
Hazel and Randy Donato
Erin Koechel and Jeff Duchin*
Kara and James Dudley
Elizabeth and Jonathan Eades
John Edwards*
Becky and Greg Ethridge
Michael Fertitta
Susan and Tom Forestier
Brad and Tina Forslund
Julie* and Ryan Foster
Kelley & Pat Frost
Vanessa and Jay Fuquay
Kerri and Charlie Gale
Maria Garate
Jennifer and Matt Garcia
Doug & Katherine George
Jennifer and Doug Getten
Elise and Mewael Ghebremichael
Michael and Brittany Gibson
Julie and Troy Glander
Paige and William Griffin
Alicia and Cuatro Groos
Mary and Carter Groves*
Jennie Gruber
Joanna Hackney
Caroline and Brian Haley
Keri and Michael Herrin
Mark and Melissa Hobbs
Carrie and Ryan Holcomb
Rachel and Blake Holcomb
Kathryn and Travis Holloway
Ann and John Howard
Karen and Howard Huang
Courtney and Curtis Hutcheson
Shawn and Bill Jackson
Jennifer and Jason Jarc
Courtney Jeans
Darcy Johnson and David Miller
Jody and David Jones
JoEllyn and Donald Jowers
Cecelia Kane
Mary Kathryn Kelly
Anne and Spencer Kerr
Brandi and Timothy Kleinman
Amy and Steven Krause
Enoch Lawrence
Theresa H. Lee
Lenka and James Lehmann
Leigh and Jonathan Levy**
Kenny Liao
Jonathan Liu
Luping Liu
Cindy Lo and Scott Francis
Angie and Cinco Light
Ashley and Lance Loeffler
Jesus Lopez
Aaron Lyons
Robert MacAskie*
Tracy Maddux
Stacey* and Ken Malcolmson
Rebecca and Edward McCarthy
Trisha and Pace McDonald
Zachary McFarlane
Emily and Kent McGaughy
Meryl and Alan Metni
Amy and Jeff Miers
Derrick Miller
Gretchen and Tripp Montalbo
Lauren and Brad Morgan
Carolyn and Gary Mueller
Monica and David Murrell
Mary Scott Nabers
Victoria and Milam Newby*
Julie and Wolfgang Niedert
Marianne Nitsch
Kathryn and Jimmy Ogden**
Ann Clary Old
Kristi and Michael Oldham
Marsha and Okay Onan
Kimberly and Stephen Perich
Heather and Mark Petkovsek
Sabra Phillips
Madge Phillips
Ruth Pilco-Jaber
Charles J. Plumhoff
Amy Porter
Karen and Robert Pou
Jennifer and Brian Queen
Stephanie and Vidal Quevedo
Keshav Rajagopalan
Marlene Renz
Tracy and Bradley Reznik
Austin Richter
Renee Rubin
Lorin and Forrest Runnels
Michael Sarabia
Jenifer Sarver
Farrell and Stuart Saunders
Sharon Schweitzer and John Robinson
Bridgette and James Scott
Ann and Henry Seals
Ashley and Bobby Seals
Daniel Sego
Omesh Singh
Kimberly Smajlovic
Michele and Mitch Smith
Mimi and Allen Smith
Aida and Edward Snyder
Alexandra and Bobby Stillwell
Lauren and Charles Stokes
Sarah and Albert Swantner
Alexia and Kevin Thex
Lisa and Brad Thielemann
Lara Marie and Aaron Thielhorn
Laura and Michael Urbis
Travis Vandergriff
Sally Ann and Clark Varner*
Sophie and Andrew Vo**
Alexis and Scott Wagoner
Karen and Patrick Walker
Ann and Richard Walton
Laura and James Weaver
Benjamin Weinblatt
Madeline Kaye and Eric Weiner
Brad Wells
Melinda and Dale West*
Mark Westerburg
Courtney and Worthey Wiles
Eve and Blake Wiley*
Becky Wilson
Zoe Wilson*
Donna Wolf
Jonathan C. Worbington*
Abbey and Hunter Yarbrough
Emily and Paul Yoo
Andrea and Jeff Yorio

* 1883 Council member who has served one term
** 1883 Council member who has served two terms