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We are the Texas Exes—an organization built by proud Longhorns for future generations.

Since 1885, we’ve been the official alumni association for The University of Texas at Austin. A global network of more than 110,000 members sustains the work we do to expand opportunity, pass on traditions, and help our alma mater be all that it can be. Through more than 150 Chapters and Networks led by our passionate volunteers, we make it easy to get involved and give back to the place that changed your life forever.

Alan Bean

Life Member No. 36,000
Apollo 12 Astronaut Who Walked on the Moon

Tom Landry

Life Member No. 5,300
Legendary Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys

Lady Bird Johnson

Life Member No. 259
Former First Lady of the United States

Mack Brown

Life Member No. 30,295
National Championship-Winning Football Coach

Arthel Neville

Arthel Neville

Life Member No. 41,255
Fox News Anchor

Matthew McConaughey

Life Member No. 33,731
Academy Award-Winning Actor

Greg Abbott

Life Member No. 26,346
Governor of Texas  

Brené Brown

Life Member No. 91,962
Best-selling Author, Researcher, and Podcast Host

Dr. Denton Cooley

Denton Cooley

Life Member No. 2,093
Heart Surgeon Who Implanted the First Total Artificial Heart

Liz Carpenter

Life Member No. 6,823
World-Famous Writer and Political Humorist

Walter Cronkite

Life Member No. 24,399
Longtime Anchor of CBS Evening News

Vince Young

Life Member No. 50,010
Led Longhorns to National Championship Win in 2006 Rose Bowl

Admiral William H. McRaven

Life Member No. 70,472
Former Ninth Commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command 

Augie Garrido

Life Member No. 40,022
Former UT Baseball Coach Who Won Two College World Series 

Barbara Smith Conrad

Life Member No. 15,028
Renowned Mezzo-Soprano Opera Singer

Marcia Gay Harden

Life Member No. 57,603
Academy Award-Winning Actress

Earl Campbell

Life Member No. 10,000
One of the Best Power Running Backs in NFL History

Michael Dell

Life Member No. 41,440
Founder and CEO of Dell Technologies

Ben Crenshaw

Life Member No. 13,499
Two-Time Winner of the Masters Tournament

Catherine Osterman

Life Member No. 49,047
Two-Time Medal-Winning Olympian

Frank Denius

Life Member No. 1,311
Decorated World War II Veteran and Civic Leader

Bud Frazier

Life Member No. 18,607
Pioneering Heart Surgeon

Bob Dedman

Life Member No. 16,886
Business Executive and Philanthropist

Bill Moyers

Life Member No. 7,304
Former White House Press Secretary

Ricardo Hinojosa

Life Member No. 18,475
U.S. District Judge

Michael Zinberg

Michael Zinberg

Life Member No. 14,025
Emmy Award-Winning Television Director, Writer, and Producer

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Life Member No. 7,888
U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO

Admiral Bob Inman

Life Member No. 13,153
High-Ranking Intelligence Community Official

Richard J.V. Johnson

Life Member No. 11,385
Prominent Marketing and Communications Executive

Rex Tillerson

Life Member No. 9,257
Former U.S. Secretary of State

Darrell K Royal

Life Member No. 87
National Championship-Winning College Football Coach

Karen Elliott House

Karen Elliott House

Life Member No. 20,006
Former Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal

John Barnhill

Life Member No. 7,348
Former Executive Vice President of Blue Bell Creameries

Gary Kelly

Life Member No. 42,015
Former CEO and Chairman of Southwest Airlines



Life Member No. 100,000
Official Mascot of Texas Longhorns

There are more than 92,000 Life Members of the Texas Exes. Join this powerful network today and reconnect with the place you once called home.

Illustrations by Eileen Wu

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