Dear Cheer and Pom Alumni,

The Texas Cheer and Pom Alumni Network has been established to bring together ALL past members of the University of Texas Spirit program, including cheer, pom, coaches, and mascots. Our mission is simple, preserve, honor, and celebrate the history and traditions of The University of Texas Cheer and Pom programs. As alumni, the best way to honor our legacy is to support and advocate for the current students, and build for the future of the program. In order to accomplish this we need your help!

Over the past decade the scale and growth of the program has been tremendous. In addition, moving the program under Athletics has expanded responsibilities to cover baseball, softball, soccer, and other sports at times. The commitment and effort now required by the students in the program, including demands for appearances across campus can only be accomplished through a much larger organization.



HONOR and CELEBRATE the history of the Texas Spirit Program by SUPPORTING and ADVOCATING for the current program, thus CREATING the most premier collegiate spirit program in the country.


How can you help?

As an alumni of either Texas Cheer or Pom, you are automatically a member of our network! You are part of our legacy and forever a member of the Texas Cheer and Pom Family. We encourage you to keep in touch, be engaged, and follow the program. We also hope you will consider supporting the current program with your time, support, and resources. 


Where does a donation to Texas Cheer and Pom Alumni go?

Your contribution to Texas Cheer and Pom goes to support the current program. There have recently been several scholarships created to benefit the captains and other leaders in the program, as well as several specialty scholarships for financial need and diversity in the program. However the primary needs, benefitting the entire program, are resources for meals, travel, rain and cold weather gear, mats for safety, and other coaching resources.


What about the Alumni Reunion?

Historically, the Alumni Reunion has been hosted by the current cheer and pom squads. It is an opportunity to bring past cheer and pom back on campus to honor and celebrate their time as part of the Texas Spirit Program. Going forward, the Alumni Reunion will be managed by the Texas Cheer and Pom Alumni Network. Our goal is to grow and expand the event, include more alumni, and make it even better! Please stay tuned for more information on next year’s event.