Scholar Spotlight: Nikita Kakkad

Posted July 22, 2021


Nikita Kakkad, Class of 2024, is studying abroad in Ireland. Before she embarks on her research project working in a laboratory, she is exploring the beautiful country and getting to know her fellow students.

“The first day we were able to leave the quarantine we went to the city, and it was so amazing—the streets were bustling, and the different restaurants and shops were so beautiful," Nikita says.

"I love the architecture here, it reminds me of Boston, one of my favorite cities back in the U.S. We spent that whole week just exploring the city and the surrounding areas, trying new cafes, going to shops and museums! It was so nice to be able to have a free week in Dublin to explore and get acquainted. That Friday, we left early in the morning for Galway, and on Friday, we spent time exploring and enjoying the coast. On Saturday morning, we left early to catch the two-hour bus to the Cliffs of Moher—I don’t ever think I’ll forget how beautiful it was there.”

Nikita is the recipient of the Carol and Gary Kelly Forty Acres Scholarship. Read more about her here.