Akshita Rawat
Akshita Rawat
Hobby/Beckworth Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2026
Helotes, Texas
High School
Sandra Day O'Connor High School

In 2009, when I started kindergarten I was firm about my decision of being a princess when I grew up. I had my entire kingdom planned out with an abundance of animals, endless cupcakes, and no tolerance for bullying. My castle-filled plans rapidly transitioned to more realistic job ideas as I came to the eventual realization that my future plans were not the most practical. Through middle school, I continued my search for a job that would allow me to express my imaginative thinking.

Recognizing my consistent use of creativity for solving problems as I moved on to high school, my family inspired me to consider a career in the field of engineering. I first got introduced to the world of coding and engineering through AP Computer Science Principles. By continuing to participate in computer science courses in school, competing in computer science competitions, and being a part of organizations such as Cyber Start Go, I learned the wide range and applications that computer engineering can have in our lives. Through the network and support provided by the Forty Acres Scholars Program, I look forward to the chance of using my knowledge to go beyond papers and make an effort to refine technology.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Honors Program
Electrical and Computer Engineering Honors

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?
When I first heard of the Forty Acres Scholar Program, it was described simply as a merit-based full-ride scholarship. After attending Finalist Weekend, I realized that the program was a lot more than a mere scholarship and provided an on-campus family to scholars. The kind and welcoming nature of the scholars and alumni gave me a look into what my next four years could look like and made me feel like I belong at UT Austin. Through the eventful weekend, I learned that every opportunity offered to Forty Acres Scholars is beneficial to the overall success of each individual. Whether improving connections and communication skills through the Forty Acres discussions or strengthening leadership qualities while participating in community service, each individual in this esteemed UT Austin program is guaranteed to graduate with the confidence and skillset required for a plethora of jobs.