Esther Jin
Stamps Forty Acres Scholarship, supported by the Cockrell School of Engineering
Chevron Enrichment Award
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2025
League City, TX
High School
Clear Springs High School

Yuzuru Hanyu’s gravity-defying jumps. Lang Lang’s lightning-speed piano. Lionel Messi’s powerful long-range goals. Memories of my greatest childhood inspirations still flash vividly in my mind’s eye.

For as long as I can remember, I have spent my life mesmerized by heroes who expanded the bounds of human motion through pushing their physical conditions to new extremes. In my mind, there is nothing more beautiful, nor more emblematic of human achievement, than the pursuit of improving the human condition.

My juvenile love of kinetics followed me to my F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition team, 118 the Robonauts at Johnson Space Center. At NASA I redefined motion through bodies of aluminum and polycarbonate, and an ardor for dynamic technology became a core part of my being.

I followed this interest to my research at the University of Houston, with a team developing a wearable powered exoskeleton to enable children with cerebral palsy to extend their walking capabilities and challenge their physical limitations. Through working in rehabilitative robotics, I discovered a meaningful application of my fascination with motion and technology.

At UT Austin, I wish to pursue mechanical engineering to learn the skills necessary to develop technology that improves human mobility and quality of life. In doing so, I hope to continuously challenge ideas of human limitation.

Mechanical Engineering

Honors Program
Engineering Honors Program

Other Academic Interests
Computational Engineering

Extracurricular Activities
Longhorn Racing, Human Centered Robotics Lab

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?
Growing up as the eldest child of an immigrant family, I held a strong sense of financial responsibility and spent my life dreading the financial burden of attending university. The Forty Acres Scholars Program offered an opportunity I thought only came in dreams: a world-class engineering education at no cost. FASP has given me the ability to claim confidence in financial security not only for myself, but for my family as well.

What stood out to me about FASP was its unique status as a scholarship program administered by an alumni organization. Support of the powerful network that is the Texas Exes, combined with a tight-knit community of scholars, made this opportunity all the more inviting.

When I think about how there are real people who have decided to make this life-changing, personal investment in me, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Such incredible kindness and dedication to one’s alma mater-- where else in the world could I find this, but at the University of Texas?