Jackson Bellard
Jackson Bellard
Stamps Forty Acres Scholarship, supported by the Humboldt Mandell Family
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2024
Reno, NV
High School
Galena High School

I am motivated by my love for flight, the breathtaking desolation, the blur of familiar features and landmarks, to the augmentation of those unknown and untouched landscapes that are just past habitual ground-based reach. I took my first flight on my 8th birthday, and soon after, I started to learn how to build experimental aircraft. Growing up in Northern Nevada, with its active community of Air Racers and backcountry flyers, I slowly began to realize my passion had the potential to become a dangerous one. Thereafter, I have fostered a passion to make aircraft safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. I have also become a certified private pilot, and wish to become a Certified Flight Instructor so that I can teach and share with others the beauty of flight and work part-time while still being a student at The University of Texas. Additionally, I am an avid blues guitarist and banjoist, as well as a classically trained bassist. I enjoy hiking, hammocking, golf, basketball, Spikeball, and I love to teach and give back to my community in as many ways as possible.

Aerospace Engineering

Other Academic Interests
Public Policy

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?
During the college admissions process, The University of Texas was truly a dark horse and an unlikelihood in my applications, especially coming from a family with ties to the other side of the Red River. I figured I would apply to The University of Texas, as it has an unparalleled aerospace engineering program and excellent research and testing specifically within aerodynamics and efficiency breakthroughs. I actually had my first visit to Austin during the Finalist Weekend and became smitten with both the Forty Acres Scholars Program and the university itself. I loved both the camaraderie and the opportunity that presented itself within both, and I truly felt that Austin would be where my next steps would occur. It also seemed to be an avenue where I could meet and learn from influential figures within their field, and for me to possibly forge a relationship that could be useful in my future endeavors. The Forty Acres Scholars Program also seemed to be a way to make connections with peers that value learning as I do, but are from vastly different backgrounds that I can learn from, creating bonds with my cohort of incredible peers that I hope could last a lifetime.