Connor Hrachovy
Connor Hrachovy
Susie and John L. Adams Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2024
Houston, TX
High School
St. John's School

On no particular special date, and during no particular special time, I finally achieved an out-of-body experience at a small meditation group, a powerful neural sensation I can never forget. As I am performing my usual breathing routine, four seconds in, four seconds hold, four seconds out, and with my eyes closed, I could suddenly visualize my surroundings and myself (a clone who is now sitting directly in front of me) to near perfection. As I stare at this clone of myself, I notice and can analyze my physical features just as clearly as my emotional ones. A few moments later, I begin looking at my actual, true self, from the eyes of my clone outside of my own body. Startled, I open my eyes mid-meditation, my heart pounding, and looked for the clone which expectedly had vanished.

One’s growth and resulting achievements, no matter the magnitude, are reflected through one’s desire to exercise their mind. As athletes push their bodies to new extremes to grow physically, I always embrace new opportunities and experiences that will push my mind to new lengths. At UT, I look forward to growing through the endless, invaluable financial and entrepreneurial experiences and challenges within the Business Honors Program and beyond.

Business Honors

Honors Program
Canfield Business Honors Program

Other Academic Interests
Finance; Entrepreneurship; Public Policy

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?
What drew me to the Forty Acres Scholars Program was having the opportunity to attend Finalist Weekend and meeting the scholars. Although the scholars may be like-minded in their levels of ambition, each individual possesses their own drastically distinctive backgrounds and experiences. When bringing the scholars together, I recognized a truly inseparable and coherent group dynamic that exists within FASP. This inherently fosters new ideas and develops lifelong friendships.