Amelia Nickerson
Amelia Nickerson
Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2024
Leander, TX
High School
Vandegrift High School

"Ms. Amelia, look what I can do!" I turned to look at the young girl's computer screen and watched as her code made a character shoot a basketball into a hoop each time she hit the space bar. I was elated; with only two days of instruction, a 10-year-old was able to build confidence in her technology skills and code a functioning online game.

My path to becoming this young girl’s instructor began when I was her age. I would walk home from school with my two brothers, excited to climb the rope course we constructed in our backyard, or build the best “sailboat” to carry us down our cul-de-sac on a rainy day. I loved to use my creativity to innovate and solve problems, and my family’s work ethic taught me to persevere until I succeeded. I didn’t know what computer science was at the time, but it was this childhood environment where I developed the dedication, fascination with problem-solving, and self-confidence that would draw me to coding and inspire me to encourage more girls to get excited about technology with Code Chicks.

Code Chicks is a summer program I founded during high school as a fun, accessible way for young girls to build their confidence in technology. Running Code Chicks showed me that everything I enjoy—business, math, problem-solving, leadership, innovation, collaboration, service—can be applied to computer science. Even though Code Chicks was free for participants thanks to a grant from NCWIT, I watched my passion for entrepreneurship expand as I created a budget, advertised, and recruited for the camp like a business. What started as an opportunity to inspire other young girls grew into so much more. Code Chicks opened my eyes to the excitement of business, computer science, and service and led me to become the president of my high school DECA chapter, the co-founder of a startup, an executive board member of Key Club, and a leader of Homework Help tutoring.

I hope to continue making an impact at UT by empowering females to pursue computer science and I am so excited to explore my passion for business and technology in the Texas CSB program. Hook ‘em!

Business Honors; Computer Science

Honors Program
Texas Honors Computer Science and Business (Texas CSB)

Other Academic Interests

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?
The three pillars of the Forty Acres Scholars Program describe my ideal college experience and align perfectly with my personal values. To make invaluable connections, be surrounded by a diverse yet tight-knit community of scholars dedicated to making a difference in what they’re passionate about, and gain a global perspective is my dream come true. Finalist Weekend showed me that FASP is so much more than a scholarship; it’s an unparalleled community devoted to helping students achieve their ambitions and make an impact, and left me hoping I might have the honor of becoming a part of it.