Alice Nguyen
Alice Nguyen
Marilyn and Ron Neiman Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2024
Friendswood, TX
High School
Friendswood High School

Relationships matter. The greatest lesson I learned in my world history class sophomore year was not about Mongol invasions, Enlightenment theory, or even syncretism, but rather that “relationships matter.” My teacher reiterated this mantra at every chance possible during our specially designated “family time” during which the entire class would simply chat about our lives outside the confines of AP World History, and those two words lingered in my mind for the next few years. As I navigated high school, I found an innate need to immerse myself into activities that would allow me to foster relationships with people I ordinarily would not have met. I valued every conversation and bout of laughter I shared with all those I met from crushing cans in Recycling Club with an eclectic mix of fellow environmentalists to exchanging stories with members of the community during speech and interview practice sessions for Academic Decathlon and bonding with adults and students alike at fundraisers and events I helped organize as class president.

Piqued by my interest in medicine and healthcare, I started volunteering at a local hospital in both administrative offices and nursing units the summer of my sophomore year. I was nervous of course, overwhelmed by the sheer energy that seemed to emanate from every room of the hospital, but through this experience, I found an inexplicable sense of fulfillment. Whether I was scanning paperwork for administration, replacing blankets in the warmer, or bringing patients soda cans and containers of ice cream to make impromptu Coke floats, I felt like I was contributing to the energy of the hospital though my tasks may be minute in the grander scheme of business. I knew that I wanted to continue being part of this fascinating world in which a myriad of people of different backgrounds and specialties came together to treat and heal patients while also forging relationships with each other. My penchant for medicine combined with the unwavering belief that relationships matter pushed me to pursue a degree in business on a pre-med track to hopefully open doors for me to continue contributing to the exciting world of healthcare and medicine in whatever capacity I am able!

Business Honors

Honors Program
Canfield Business Honors Program

Other Academic Interests
Pre-Med; Core Texts and Ideas; Healthcare Economics

Extracurricular Activities
Women in Business Association; Asian American Campus Ministry; Honors Business Association

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?
When I was first applying to the Forty Acres Scholars Program, never in a million years did I think I would actually be fortunate to have a place within the program as a scholar. After attending Finalist Weekend, I was completely enamored by the program but specifically by the camaraderie and impressive support system FASP provides for its scholars. Coming from a smaller town, the sheer size of UT was intimidating to me, but the tightly-knit microcosm FASP creates within the macrocosm of UT allows each of its scholars to embark on individual journeys without fear of lack of support or encouragement from fellow scholars and everyone involved in the program. I am excited to step out of my comfort zone and navigate all the new opportunities available to me at UT while also forming lifelong friendships with the unique and fascinating people I will meet through FASP!